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This was a special but difficult page to create, accentuated with tears. My parents have donated their bodies to science, so within an hour of their passing, they will be wisked away. No good byes. No viewing.
Mom had a heart attack two weeks ago. There is nothing they can do for her- she is nearly 90 and too weak for any procedures. I "knew" it was time to make the trip north to see them for the final time this side of Heaven, due to the distance and the expense. We don't expect them to last through the summer. They both expressed they are ready to go Home. Dad has Alz. but we were able to have several conversations. I'm happy for that. My oldest sister Deb is battling Parkinson's and dementia. She too had several good moments. I tried to focus on the moments and saved them to remember them by. Saying goodbye was more like "See you on the other side. " It's hard to come to grips with this, but I am glad that we were able to make the trip.
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  1. Maya de Groot
What a beautiful page to honour your family members. Dealing with grief comes in many forms and this one is especially heart wrenching. Looking at the photos it seems to me they already lived in a little part of heaven on Earth. many sympathies to you and yours.

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