All About Me Day 9 (continued) - Earliest Memories

All About Me Day 9 (continued) - Earliest Memories

I continue to search through pictures (there are not many) to find pictures of my grandma's house, and write what I remember of the people. These are probably from the late 40's, before I was born.
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ArtPlay Palette Remember
ArtPlay Palette Love Letters
Wordy FotoBlendz Template No 1
Artsy Transfers Old World
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I continue to use the same background for these "continuation" pages.
Wordy Template page 5 used, with the FotoBlendz moved to the opposing page, the text boxes spread over the two pages.
Note the elements and the pink colors placed in a visual triangle.
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I know this is a TON of work, and you've pulled it all together beautifully to enjoy for years to come. You do the wordy so well! Great job!
Love that you have all these wonderful photos to include in your book. Your journaling will delight those who read it in the future.
Wow, this is great - love all your journaling amongst the photos and the heritage feel to this. What a great idea!
These pages are beautifully done. You are going to have a fantastic book when you are finished! And good for you, writing it all down and finding the photos to go with the journaling!
I think these pages are wonderful. I'm drawn to the design with those scalloped frames.

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