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I'm not sure I will ever again be able to purchase toilet tissue (or paper towels or household disinfectant) without feeling the emotions brought on by Covid-19.

Photoshop Elements 14

I started by blending a free-use internet image of a stack of toilet tissue rolls into Artsy Paper #4. I then added Solid Paper #2 underneath the Artsy Paper, and blended the two together with multiply blend mode. I added the girl, blending her into the stack of toilet tissue so that one of the rolls appeared in her folded hands (duplicate photos, the top on screen, the bottom on multiply). The frame from the Artsy Palette went on top of the photos. I finished up with two of the cool Jazzed Up Loop Da Loops and some embellishments from the Artplay Palette as well as some transfers/overlays.
Perfect telling of the story. It's funny how our perceptions of so many little things have changed, like feeling anger at a jogger who gets too close, or horror at the thought of using a pillow or blanket from a yoga studio. And how scary it must be in NY. Thinking of you!
You have nailed this... what a wonderful documentation of reality... and I hold on to hope
fine illustration of this health crisis, through things that yesterday seemed to us to be trivial concerns!
Love how you've captured today's world. And your clever use of toilet paper. (Never thought I'd say that in the gallery!)
A page and a creative photo! These are things that would not have occurred to us to photograph a few months ago. Protect yourself as much as possible
Stacks of TP in a photo...who would've ever thought about using it to feature artsy supplies? It's beautiful! Please be well, and hold onto hope! Thinking of you.
Congratulations!!! Your page has been featured in Today's Gallery Stand Outs!!! You can check the post here: http://gallerystandouts.com/fingerpointing/2020/finger-pointing-april-3rd-4/
Who ever thought we would be scrapping about TP? Love the journaling. Congrats on your GSO!

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