Absolutely Bonkers

Absolutely Bonkers

AnnaRelease 7 August 2020
Inspiration - When I saw the theme of this weeks Palette I went looking in my library for a suitable photo and when I saw the pictures of the disc I thought it would work.
Start -Started with a new document
Paper- I used Solid Paper 5 and put it above the background layer
Mask - I placed fotoblendz 2 on the bag I grouped the color and the large black mask layers.
Photos - I added a picture of the disc to the mask attaching it using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I recolored the other layers to match how they fit with the picture.
Transfer - I placed Transfer 5 Under the photo/mask so the curve hugged the photo. I did the same with Overlay 1 there was some bright color that I could sit on the top of the curve which acted like a shelf.
Elements -I choose the robot placing him in the center of the disc and adding a drop shadow. Then I added Magic Sprinklez 3 to the page once again following the bottom curve.
Title - I used the wordart "Absolutely bonkers" for the title
journaling - I typed up some information about the ice disc
I don't think I've ever heard of an ice disk before, what a strange thing. Wonderful photo and I love the addition of the robot.

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