aA Lift: Baseball and Bagels

aA Lift: Baseball and Bagels

I wish that I had multiple photos of our day at the ball game with the grandkiddos, expecially of those bagels that were almost as big as Harper's head, but that's not the case. So my interpretation of Applechick's fabulous design included going all blendy in my layout and doing a full out texture thing with both the Artsy Transfers and the the Artplay Palette transfers/overlays in the Remembrancer collection. I didn't use Fotoblendz or other clipping masks, just blended directly into the background paper using layer masks and my fave Artsy Brushes, then duplicated my photos with different blend modes.
Oh this is just perfect, it makes me grin - nothing better than time with the grand kids and you have captured it beautifully!
Those are the best moments... we were able to catch our grand's flag football game this year in MT... just the best... the color... the blending... faded numbers... and oh how I miss NY bagels... wonderful capture and page...
Wonderful use of those numbers across the photo. That photo is great. Big grins, squirmy little one, big bagels, happy grandparents ... life's good.
Very nice job blending directly. Love all the textures and primary colors.
Love it all! Fabulous blending. The simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate, is called a grandparent.
Love your photo and the numbers woven into it. Also the dimension the envelope window adds in the background, and the clever way you extracted a hat here and a shoe here and there.
Gorgeous! I love the happy portrait! Wow! Incredible work with your layers especially that band of numbers running through the photo!

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