4chan - Day 4

4chan - Day 4

(Day 4 - Journaling)
Journaling: Amazingly, there is a board on 4chan that used to be an oasis of relative civility, /po (papercraft) - not to be confused with /pol (politically incorrect). Occasionally creepy guys from the latter board mistakenly post on /po, polluting it with disgusting, testosterone-fueled garbage demonizing Asians, Muslims, people of color, other minorities and women. Unfortunately things started to change several months ago when a few /po prima donna know-it-alls began flaming others, especially non-native English speakers. You'd think they'd have better things to do with their time than to treat others with such disrespect, but the anonymity afforded by the platform seems to have overcome their better angels, so they think they have the freedom to say whatever. Cutting remarks like DIE, KISS M... and worse mushroomed, eclipsing friendly posts by folks not drunk with the need to toot their own horn. But recently someone posted a wonderful, long-buried diagram, Santa by Kobayashi, which I hope to teach others. It's gotta be a really good day when a post on /po kinda restores my faith in the moral compass.
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I love the way you used text ad interspersed it with elements... There is so much to see on your page!

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