#4 Thank You

#4 Thank You

I'm thankful for all the things that come to us just when we can enjoy them the most. And I bet you won't forget your trip to the hardware store with a broken but not-so-common detachable keyring. The guy offered to help, had exactly what you needed in his pocket, and gave it to you for free.
Credits list
Daydream Designs Shadows Of The Past
Idgie 52_Winterplay ATC
Joyful Heart Designs shabbywhimsy2, Wintermagic
Vicki Robinson the-music-in-me-sheet-music
ViVa-Accessories-paint, scratches Tatterdemalion
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Daydream Designs
  2. Idgie's Heartsong
  3. Joyful Heart Designs
  4. Vicki Robinson Designs
  5. Viva Artistry
Oh I Love those metal elements above and below the cards. I couldn't find them in your links. Great design!
Marvellously creative. I kike the steampunk influence but I really like the look of a shelf.
This is so pretty, DK! Love the blue and gold together! Its nice to know that not all people are just in it for the money and willing to help! Great spread!
This is such a beautiful collection of seemingly random items that with your choice of colours and placement makes for a wonderful whole. It is just beautiful!

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