22 May Big Trees 2

22 May Big Trees 2

The last of the big trees pictures :) If you look carefully at the 2 pics on the right, you will see my husband and I at the base of the largest tree in the grove, the Agassiz Tree, 25 feet across, 250 feet tall, believed to be about 2000 years old (yes, 2000!).

Anna Aspnes:
Artsy Template DuoPack No 10
ArtPlay Palettes Home, Heartland
Memento Word Art (modified to create "big")
Wood Words (modified to create "trees")
APPs Niege, Glacial (elements)
Warm Glows 1

drawings and quotes from the Interpretive Trail Guide to th South Grove Preserve
Magnificent double spread! They are really impressive these trees! What a majesty!
These photos are so beautiful, the trees are so big, incredible, 2000 years old OMG, you've made a beautiful background, I love the frames and the wooden text, a gorgeous page!
The background is just perfect for those magnificent trees. Gorgeous pages! I remember camping in the Redwoods one summer when my daughter was little. It is an incredibly spiritual place to be. I fell in love with these beautiful giants and felt sheltered.
Wow, your photos are beautiful and I really like your background. 2000 years old is hard to imagine.
Another beautiful set. Love the background and how it supports the photos. Wonderful wordart, too!

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