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Today we have a new special treat for you.  We are going to introduce you to not only some of our Cheery-O’s, but also one of our talented designer’s kits!  We thought it was time that you starting seeing how some of us create our pages.  One of the things we love about our designers is how versatile their creations are.  Often times, kits can be used by scrappers of all styles.  So us bloggers decided to show you just how we each can adapt a stunning kit to our own style.  And the other Cheery-O’s couldn’t help but join in!  So bear with us as we indulge with One Little Bird’s newest solo kit “Still Life”!

Let’s start with my page.  I picked this in kit, in part, because it was beautiful.  I didn’t pick it out for a specific purpose to scrap with.  So I began by browsing the kit for a piece that inspired me.  And for me, the word art jumped out. I ended up browsing my pictures looking for a good one of Ben’s face, but something with a bit deeper layer to the picture.  I found a picture of my son in contemplation that struck me as reflecting a conversation I had with him the day before.  After deciding on that picture, I converted the picture to b&w.  But I thought it needed something different, so I used a free action to create the dreamy b&w feel which I liked better.  Then I did what I do a lot of times with beautiful kit….I pulled everything I liked into Photoshop Elements!  I picked a background paper and added the elements one at a time, moving and deleting, until I had them where I was happy with them.  Then the final touches, using a Save for Web action and saving as both a web image and a full-size! Viola.  A completed page!

Here’s what Diane had to say about her process.  “I like to work in series, especially if I am working on a set of photos from a trip or event. Right now, I am working on the photos from the 75th birthday celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though the photos are from the same event, I like to mix it up in terms of kits, so I will often work through challenges and CT assignments, using different kits, but progressing through the photos.

The kit chosen for this ‘One Kit 5 (or more) Ways’ exercise is Still Life by One Little Bird. What struck me about the kit were the neutral colors and the architectural looking patterns, so I chose to do something with building photos.

Ghiradelli Square is a preserved historical building in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco. It is a beautiful building, beautifully preserved and restored, serving as a venue for shops and a fancy hotel, as well as home to a very-popular Ghiradelli chocolate shop.

I started by blending 4 papers from the kit to get an architectural look I liked, then worked with the largest photo, working through a series of blendings, incorporating additional journaling tags into the blendings for what looks somewhat like a painterly effect.

The large title is an extraction of another picture showing the lighted sign over the entrance to the courtyard of the building.

The third picture, colorized, shows the entrance to the shop, and the dates, 1852-1916.

I used some additional circular elements to contrast with the austere lines of the building, some paint splotches for grunge, and a bit of journaling and embellishment to tell the story.

It’s a pretty good representation of my preferred style of filling up every inch of a page, no white-space allowed, lots of blending, large pictures, and most importantly, a captured memory

And here’s Sally’s take!

So I grabbed the word art first and then chose a picture after figuring out the title (word art + the & tag). This is a recent picture from our 30 hour family vacation from last week! I really love it when time stands still…and unfortunately, it just doesn’t stand still long enough during vacations!!!

What I loved about this kit is the variety of elements that I could cluster around the picture and the journaling! I also love One Little Bird’s Shadow Like Me shadow styles to create a more paper-like page! I love that about those styles! ♥

Audrey’s page came together like this:

When my best friend sent over this picture to me, I knew I wanted to keep the page simple and concentrate on his cute face. However, as my scrapping style tend to be busy, I layered the elements behind the photo. The kit was perfect for this photo as babies don’t stay babies for long. I used a lot of word art to convey that how I wish time could stand still for a moment. They were also strategically placed to form a visual triangle too.

And the last of the bloggers we’re focusing on is Trista!

Once I unzipped the kit I began searching for just the right paper as the foundation of my page. I knew that I wanted a patterned paper, but not too busy. The diagonal lines caught my eye! I searched through the kit and started randomly placing items I liked. The simplicity word art was a must. Once I grabbed the three banner strips I had an idea to do a blocked page of some sort. I placed the frame and the pocket (which I filled with tags) and the rest just fell into place. I am a bit of a backwards scrapper since I didn’t have a specific photo in mind when I began creating the page but once I was done adding the word strips I easily found the perfect photo and then added journaling.

This kit was so beautiful, some of the other Cheery-O’s couldn’t help themselves and they scrapped too!!!


Nana Linda






So many styles.  So many ways to scrap.  Our O designers let you have it all!  Peppermint of One Little Bird Designs provides so many beautiful papers and elements in her kits, you can scrap simply or with patterns, one photo or many.  The choice is up to you and the world is your oyster!  So crack open the store and find a beautiful versatile kit to for all your own!  We will bring you another edition of Five (or So) Ways, and another beautiful kit, next month!


  • wow, wow, wow, … and mhhh did I mention WOW ?!!!!!
    I love OLB’s creations, and your many different gorgeous LOs bring a new perspective on how much you can create with them. Thanks a lot for this inspiration.

  • It is so fun to see so many different takes on one fabulous kit!

  • Wonderful article! Just so cool to see the versatility of a kit and to peer into the scrapping minds as pages are created!

  • Oh and LOVE that header!! You even used the kit for the header…great job!

  • Love the interpretations on just “one” kit – Of course with Peppermint’s “Still Life” is inspirational

  • I love this post!! I especially loved reading your (Sara) scrapping process because it sounds almost identical to mine. So many people have such an artistic take on how the begin scrapping, it is great to hear someone else starts out without a complete plan and then pull it together as they go. Love it!!

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