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Hello everyone, Jopke here. This wednesday, the 22nd of August it will be the 9th. anniversary of my sister passing away. That reminded me of a collection I created back in 2014. More Amazing. It is a collection inspired by this movie called “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams. It’s a beautiful movie about loss and grief and although it has some darkness to it, I was amazed by the bright colors, the purple tree, the field of colorful flowers, the paint splashes when the Dalmation dog is running through that field. That’s what got me going to create this collection, the bright and cheerful colors. Because well, I’d like to think that grieving doesn’t always have to be black and dark. I’d like to celebrate the life of my sister with color and also remember her with color. I searched in my store for this collection and WHOAAAAAA!…. I couldn’t find it. It was gone! For some reason this collection never made it back to my store after being away for a little while. So that needs to change, right! Now it’s back! https://www.oscraps.com/shop/More-Amazing-Collection.html…. phew!

So this Wednesday, the 22nd of August, I will buy some colorful flowers, pick up my mom and dad and we will visit my sisters (and there daughters) grave. Still think about her every day. Really, there is not one day that she isn’t in my mind, sometimes just for a second, but every day. It doesn’t hurt as much as in the beginning. It’s true what they say… time heals all the wounds, at least a bit. Nine years have passed now but still I miss her every day.

Well, to leave you on a bright note… check out this collection. It’s up now with reduced prices now. As well as all the individual packs as the complete collection.



  • Beautifully written and uplifting. I love the bold colors.

  • Fortunately we have good memories with those who have left us, and the photos will be highlighted with these beautiful colors of this kit! Jopke, let’s do wonders with this one!
    Sincerely hildy

  • Jopke van Dongen, thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

  • So sorry for your loss – even after 9 years it can be difficult but your kit is a beautiful way to celebrate your sister’s life and the legacy she left in your heart and mind. Thank you.

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