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Yes, you were right--it was supposed to be a person but when it first went out I read it over many times before I used the dragonfly. It was not specific to a person but I guess that is what she meant.
Good you discovered it before you posted.
Can't believe we are in August!#crazy Even more I can't believe our 42nd Anniversary is approaching!!!! Slow down train!!!! :oops:
Congrats on winning Lynn's color play--great page!!
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Thank you for putting this here! Now I'll be able to remember it longer. ;)
HOLY Bananas, I just worked out for the first time in MONTHS and everything hurts!!
THANKFUL for the farmer in Netherlands; their bravery, their conviction and courage. Other world Farmers, citizens are following suit. #clap
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I Googled for "glass jar transparent png" and that was one of the ones that came up. It was from Kindpng but I'm not sure its still on that website. x
If you still have the png file, do you mind sending it to me. I think you are correct I am not seeing on on the website.
I have a question about your Big Photo Challenge #7 entry. Can you explain what you have done as I am not seeing a big version of your photo in the background, which is part of step 1 of the instructions.
Thanks for your help!
Your pages are always so interesting. I love how you create such a flow between the main subject and your choice of textures and other elements. There is always this connection and done in your own artistic fashion. It is a true talent!!
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Wow! Thank you. :cool: Love this of course. Since I aspire to see the world the way you do, its extra special.
Vicky, I have only posted 1 page to the gallery and I can't remember how I did it. How do I save a psd file so that I can post to a gallery? thanks for your help.
Hi Lacy! You have been chosen by random, from the Tips & Tricks Challenge to be the recipient of the $5 gift card to my shop. Please use coupon code: Chal-Ex5-02-22
Expiration date 4/30
I hope you find something you like!

Thank you for participating in the challenge. :)

Karen Schulz
Karen Schulz Designs
Oh, thank you so much Karen! I've already had my eye on your Photo Collage Templates after seeing it used in so many ways!
I did it!
yay!!!! and you ARE NOT dense Luisa!!! Learning something new can sometimes take a little bit of time, but now that you have done it you shouldn't have any problems. BUT if you do, just holler again, I am here to help anytime! xxx
I tried what you said to do to post the link in my tracking and I still can't do it. I get the picture of the layout, not the link. I must be pretty dense. I wanted to post the link for my LO for Challenge 2. Please help o_O
Thanks for the follow though I admit I followed a couple of people but don't see how I can tell who they are or when they post.
Hi Lorraine, I was just adding my Feb layouts to the new Layout Links thread you posted a little while ago. Since the January challenges are running into this month, Feb, is it necessary to add the challenge layouts I've completed in January to the Feb Layout Links? I have them posted in the January links already. Thanks for your help!! ♥
Hi Betty Jo:
Not sure how I missed this message. I'm supposed to get notices. I just created the thread. did you get your answers?
Betty Jo
Betty Jo
No problem about missing the message. I think I've figured it out. I left the January in the January thread and have been putting Feburary's in the new February thread. It will probably all work out next month without so much confusion. ♥
Hi Angie!! here is my list.
1- Fading Roses by Design By Tina
2- AUTUMN ASHES ADD ON by reginafalango
3- Ticket to Anywhere Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs
4- Layered templates - Vol. 25 by Mediterranka Design

5- Wings Things Page Kit by Vero
6- Mother And Child - Set 3 - 10 PU/CU PNG Stamps and ABR Brush Files by Idgie's Heartsong
7- Grungy Nature (one) by Joyful Heart Designs
8- Splatter Branchlet by Foxeysquirrel
9- Pirate Life by Viva Artistry
10- Friendsgiving Kit by Crafty Button Designs
11- Around the World (wordarts) by Guest :: Simplette Scrap
12- Pepper Bundle by AFT Designs


I do not understand PM. I've read all the FAQs and such. I've tried to send a message from my "User Control Panel" like the instructions said and a message comes up saying
"To be able to send PMs your post count must be 15 or greater.
You currently have 1 posts and you can send PMs to following users only:"

What can I do? kaye2012@ymail.com
Hi Cheryl,
I'm so sorry, I never saw your message until now. But I'm not a big fan of Trump, no. Although I do respect everyone who feels different :)
Thank you!