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Hi Lorraine, I was just adding my Feb layouts to the new Layout Links thread you posted a little while ago. Since the January challenges are running into this month, Feb, is it necessary to add the challenge layouts I've completed in January to the Feb Layout Links? I have them posted in the January links already. Thanks for your help!! ♥
Hi Betty Jo:
Not sure how I missed this message. I'm supposed to get notices. I just created the thread. did you get your answers?
Betty Jo
Betty Jo
No problem about missing the message. I think I've figured it out. I left the January in the January thread and have been putting Feburary's in the new February thread. It will probably all work out next month without so much confusion. ♥
Hi Angie!! here is my list.
1- Fading Roses by Design By Tina
2- AUTUMN ASHES ADD ON by reginafalango
3- Ticket to Anywhere Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs
4- Layered templates - Vol. 25 by Mediterranka Design

5- Wings Things Page Kit by Vero
6- Mother And Child - Set 3 - 10 PU/CU PNG Stamps and ABR Brush Files by Idgie's Heartsong
7- Grungy Nature (one) by Joyful Heart Designs
8- Splatter Branchlet by Foxeysquirrel
9- Pirate Life by Viva Artistry
10- Friendsgiving Kit by Crafty Button Designs
11- Around the World (wordarts) by Guest :: Simplette Scrap
12- Pepper Bundle by AFT Designs


I do not understand PM. I've read all the FAQs and such. I've tried to send a message from my "User Control Panel" like the instructions said and a message comes up saying
"To be able to send PMs your post count must be 15 or greater.
You currently have 1 posts and you can send PMs to following users only:"

What can I do? kaye2012@ymail.com
Hi Cheryl,
I'm so sorry, I never saw your message until now. But I'm not a big fan of Trump, no. Although I do respect everyone who feels different :)
Thank you!
Hi Jeannette,

Could I ask you a quick question? Your layout of the president - is it pro or con? In these days, it's hard to tell.

It's a wonderful picture of him.

I'm just curious.

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Good morning, Pia!
You are welcome! The artistry is stunning! The technique is beautiful and challenging!
Hi Nancy, many thanks for choosing my layout for the AnnaLift Challenge. It was a real surprise :) Greetings from Germany, Pia :)
Hi Vicki, I'm seeing a lot of winners for the Easter Egg Hunt. This was a wonderful idea. But as some of the forum people mentioned, the only way I could find the Summer With Squirrels kit was to do a search on its name. It isn't showing in my store, which makes sense since I marked it as "hidden but available," which I thought was part of the instructions. Anyway, when (if) you have a minute, I think it needs fixing. I don't want to screw things up worse. Stay well and thank you for being amazing Vicki.
Congrats, you win my Golden Days All in One collection.
Your coupon code is Natali_Golden
Enjoy it and take care.
Vendula - Natali designs
Hey Barbara Congrats & thank you so much for the artistry and kind words. And for being a wonderful person. :) Just in case you might have a bigger craving for a different kit this coupon is good for any one of them. wywseniorgalany
Hello Linda.
I tried to use my gift box, But impossible: wrong or outdated code.
Sorry to disturb you.
Hi Karen, sorry I have been away for a few days. Thanks for answering, I will try and post something today, regards, Debbie
Hi there. I am answering your question I found on FB.
Did you contact Wombat146?

When I go to your profile your photo is coming through perfectly. I don't see any posts from you so I cannot tell if it is there or not. Can you post something in the gallery for me so I can see if the photo is coming up.
Karen Wemyss/Kythe