** WINNERS ANNOUNCED** DAY 8 MAR 26 - Guess How Many | GAME


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Hi everyone, Melissa here with one final game in our 15th birthday celebrations.

I don't know about you, but to me, a party just isn't a party unless there are sweet treats - and lots of them! :) And that's what today's game is all about.

I picked up a jar from the OScraps shelves and filled it to the brim with some tasty treats. But just how many treats are in the jar? That's for you to guess!


What are you waiting for? Give it a go! Your guess might just win you one of three prizes!

- Winner 1 - $10 to emeto designs
- Winner 2 - $5 to Palvinka Designs
- Winner 3 - $5 to ViVa Artistry
*All challenge and game prize coupons will be distributed within 10 days of the event closing at the end of the month.

- Guess how many treats are in the jar.
- Update your post in the 8 DAYS TRACKING THREAD to keep track of your participation in all the games.

- This game closes at PST 11.59 pm Saturday 27 March 2021 (this is the last game of the event)
- Please note: *Games close earlier than the Challenges.
*In order to be eligible for one of the Grand Prizes you need to have participated in ALL of the games prior to them being closed.



- Winner 1 - $10 to emeto designs - AlyciaIN
- Winner 2 - $5 to Palvinka Designs - zotova
- Winner 3 - $5 to ViVa Artistry - Sheriscraps
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je dirais bien 210 ! Merci beaucoup à toute l'équipe pour tous ces sympathiques challenges !!!!!


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My guess is 313. :cool:
I have completed all of the games and challenges as well. Thanks to all of the OScraps crew for a fun week! Looking forward to exploring a few other "regular" challenges. :)
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I think there are 333.
Thank you to all the Hosts for the wonderful challenges. I have now completed all the challenges I really enjoyed them all.x
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Oh my goodness I'm terrible at these games! I'm going to go with 52!



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oooh, this is tricky, I have no idea! Numbers mean absolutely *nothing* to my brain.
Good luck guessing!

Patty Anne

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I'm guessing 156

And sending a heartfelt thank you to everyone who have worked and played to make this marathon event a success! (((hugs)))


I'll guess 80

Thanks so much to all the designers who hosted challenges and designed such beautiful things for us to play with!!!
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