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GraceJ - $10 to Veronica Spriggs
nobles - $5 to
Crafty Button Designs

Thanks for joining me for the challenge! :)

Welcome to Day 5 of our Christmas event!!!! Hope you are all enjoying our games and challenges.

For today I bring you a fun gallery search game called "Show Me ..."

I will begin the game by asking you to find a layout in the Oscraps gallery that has a particular item or element on it. It can be a layout with something particular in the title, a color, number of photos, or anything else that you like.

When you find a layout, post the layout and link in this thread. Then you get to ask what you would like to see. The following player finds a layout with that and then does the next request.

If you get stuck, you can use the Search function found in the upper right section on the Gallery Home Page. Change the search function from Search everything to Search media, type in a word or two that you want to search by and then click the Search button. You will then be given a list of layouts that match the word you typed in.


One nice to thing to do is to leave a comment on the layout that you find!

So if someone said show me a layout with Santa Claus
I would post a layout with Santa in it like this:
(steps on how to do this are at the bottom of this post)

Day 1 Decorate a Tree Challenge.sm.jpg

Then I would say show me a layout with chocolate and the next person would search gallery for a layout with chocolate and post it and then they would say what they would like the next person to search for.

Okay, here we go; so next person - please show me a layout with chocolate


- Winner 1 - $10 to Veronica Spriggs
- Winner 2 - $5 to Crafty Button Designs
*All prize coupons will be distributed after the games and challenges are closed at the end of the month.

- Find a layout that matches the word/s posted by the person before you and add the linked layout, then enter a word for the next person to find a layout for.
- This game closes at PST 11.59 pm 13 December 2022
- Please note: Games close earlier than the Challenges. In order to be eligible for one of the Grand Prizes you need to have participated in ALL of the games prior to them being closed.
- Create a post in the 12 DAYS TRACKING THREAD 2022 to keep track of your completed layouts games participation.
(We will select our Grand Prize winners from this thread, so create a post now and remember to keep updating it throughout the month! )

To paste a linked layout into this thread:
1. Go to the gallery and find a layout and open it
2. Leave a lovely comment on the layout :)
3. Underneath the layout, in the Share this layout section, select the option circled below, Copy Gallery BB Code.
4. Click once on the code to highlight it, copy the code, now go back to your post and paste it.

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Hot cocoa by @veer



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Adryane's lovely page for the same photo challenge

Show me a HORSE


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu

(sorry for popping in, but just couldn't resist. Now for the next one to find a proper grinch in the gallery)