Vicki Robinson Designs September 2021 Challenge — thru September 19

Vicki Robinson

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This month's challenge runs through September 19th. The prompt is "Be Authentic" and for me it brought to mind the struggle many women have — myself included — with defining who we are. Wife, mother, grandmother, artist, business woman, teacher, nurturer, doctor ... curvy, thin, stubborn, opinionated, strong, decisive, loud. Whatever those words are, "you" is not always how society wishes to see you. And because of that we can have that internal dialog that questions whether or not we are enough just as we are. Maybe it's my advanced age, but I've finally realized that I am who I am and if that's not good enough for others, then so be it.

Of course, YOUR page can be about anything referencing authenticity — however your interpret that word.
In addition this month's prompt, I made separate pages using each of my September products, because ... well because that's how I roll!

"Be Yourself" uses Softly and has a quiet, vintage-y feel, as does the kit itself. And "You Do You" is just goofy and quirky, as is the Road Less Traveled Mega Kit. Both kits are 40% during September and if you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll get (loads of freebies) exclusive coupons which provide further savings.

Challenge Rules​

Eligible participants will be entered into a drawing for a $5.00 coupon to my shop.

The winner will be notified by a private message (conversation) here the Oscraps forum — the week after the challenge ends. Entries may be featured on the Oscraps blog, my website, in my newsletter or other social media.

To be eligible for the drawing:
  • Create a page using this month’s challenge prompt, which will earn you one entry into the coupon drawing.
  • Feel free to interpret the prompt in any manner that suits you.
  • All products used on your page must be by Vicki Robinson Designs. However, you will earn one extra entry into the coupon drawing for each of the two products mentioned above, if you use them on your page. In other words, it's possible to get three entries into the drawing: (1) for using the prompt, (1) for using Softly and (1) for using the Road Less Traveled Mega Kit.
  • Upload your page to the Vicki Robinson Designs Gallery and then come back here to link us up to your layout. Written instructions for posting in the gallery and then linking back in this thread can be found here. We also have a video tutorial if you prefer.
Here are my pages. I can't wait to see what you come up with for this challenge!SOFT-vicki-01.jpgvrobinson-RLT-01.jpg
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YAS! WONDERFUL challenge! I think I've grown into knowing and accepting who I am. I think it's the experiences of life eventually teach us - we're okay! We're all okay!

THANK so much for this wonderful challenge!

Vicki Robinson

Designer + Brush Queen
YAS! WONDERFUL challenge! I think I've grown into knowing and accepting who I am. I think it's the experiences of life eventually teach us - we're okay! We're all okay!

THANK so much for this wonderful challenge!
Exactly what I had in mind! I'm so happy you like the challenge!


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Here is mine - not my usual style (although I don't really have one lol) but I love the quirky Road Less Traveled kit so I just went with it. @Vicki Robinson I totally agreed with you about all the different roles we can be in one lifetime. I only have a scarce few images of myself because I'm usually the one behind the camera not in front, but I've always kinda liked the random shot taken of me a long long time ago when I worked at a photography printing lab. My boss wanted to test a new batch of Polaroid film so he just called my name and as I turned to see what he wanted, took a shot. I gave each version a different colour treatment to try and reflect all the 'me's' throughout my life (well there is more than three but that will suffice).

Oh I just had a question - in the challenge description you mention 'You Do You'. Is that a kit? I tried searching for it but no luck, and it wasn't hyperlinked like the other two you said. Just curious!



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Trying to do something different. I tried to balance the page using text.....
I think I like it..... time will tell.

My Authenticity page is about how I'm comfortable now with my true hair color
(*which is now "silver".....*) I'm growing it out over Covid. It may take another year before it's
all grown in! But I'm good with that!