May 2022 Challenge #2 - Color Palette


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All members that participate, can everyone PLEASE ensure that you read all the rules for this challenge so that you can claim your challenge points. Thank you!

Welcome to the May 2022 Color Palette Challenge. I'm Rae and I will be hosting this challenge. Can't wait to see your layouts.

The color palette I have created for you was inspired by this salad that is full of greens, blues, a bit of creamy brown and gray. It makes me think of early spring, the drab colors of winter are still visible, with greenery starting to emerge in the foliage and the sky is a glorious blue. These are the colors I have put together for you to use in your layout. You must use at least 3 or more of the sample colors and you may include black and white.


I used the green, blue and yellow and, coincidentally, my photo had the grey and yellow. I used a kit by Mediterranka Design (Plant a Flower kit) to create my page.

- Create a layout using the colors in the palette and you may add in black and white, if desired.
- Please use 80% Oscraps products that are currently in the store.
- Non-Oscraps products or retired O designer products can be used whether the designer is selling elsewhere or not.
- You need to credit all the products used on your layout.
- Your layout can not be used for more than one challenge.
- Your page must be posted in the challenge 2 gallery by midnight PST May 31 2022 and linked back to this thread (see below on how to add your linked layout).
- And do not forget to update the CURRENT MONTH'S TRACKING THREAD to be eligible for your coupon.

Adding a linked layout from the Gallery to a thread:
1. Upload your layout to the gallery first. In your forum post click the Gallery Embed icon (little camera).
2. This will open your gallery, simply click on the layout you require, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Continue button.
3. Your linked layout is now in your post, the image will appear once you have clicked the Post Reply button.​
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The most Wonderful! color palette!...Such powerful! & impactful! colors!...I knew exactly what kind of layout I was gonna create...I had a certain photo that was just calling to me to create a bright! impactful! but more elegant layout than my other Ukraine tribute...This one is...I think a bit less cynical & has a bit of a more uplifting! theme...The other was certainly darker,perhaps grittier created out of anger for injustice...Yes! the anger for injustice is still there for me...but I wanted to create a more resolved theme this time...I'm simply hoping that there is more of a hopeful solution...These atrocities are mind numbing to me...& at times hardly believable!...Like a very bad movie! no one wants to believe! wish! or see!...I also wanted a bit more of an elegant powerful! yet strong! feminine look...& Vicki Stegall's Beautiful! gold written WA's gave me that option...Along with all of ET Designs most Gorgeous! florals & leaves! & other elements & some paints from Foxey Squirrel's Beautiful! Ukraine kit tribute...helped create & finish my vision...This layout took an incredibly long time to create & put together...but I'm more than satisfied with the results!!!...Thank You! for this challenge Rae!...and for all the color palette inspirational! layouts here created by everyone!...also helping to inspire me to create this page...#kiss...

My Pray For Peace Layout :

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WOW! Such gorgeous layouts on this page!
I did love these colors, they seem to say "Spring" to me!
Here's mine:

I choose photos from our Easter Sunday Brunch
Thanks for the wonderful challenge!
They always get my creative mojo going!