Kraft Paper Tags

Express your creativity with Kraft Paper Tags. This versatile craft supply will add texture and a handmade look to your pages. Clip papers to the tags, color them, and apply styles to create new background looks. Add kit elements to make unique embellishments with your own journaling or premade word art. They’re great to keep on hand, and so easy to customize. Just pull them out when you want to add a special touch to any project.

Kraft Paper Tags includes 16 unique tag shapes, provided in the original Kraft Paper color and also in Grayscale for easy recoloring. Although I have included 2 tag ties, I have not created holes in the tags to make them more versatile. Use them as they are, without the tag hole, or create your own hole when you want one.

This pack is FREE if you are a member of 52 Inspiration, or you can purchase it for just $2.98 now through Sept 29th.

For a tip on how to create a tag hole precisely where you want it, visit my blog.

Here are just a few inspirational ideas for you.


They are just wonderful, LOVE your inspirations, Karen. So lovingly and creatively designed.


The O is my hOme.
How have I missed for all this time that you can drag guides out from rulers? Well I know now thanks to Karen's info on creating tag holes.