I'm a New Designer at O!

Alice Koh

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Greetings ladies....
I've just started out as a new designer for this fabulous and friendly site! I've been browsing through the forum finding my way around (still getting lost in some LOL) and looking forward to participate when I get my bearing right :p

A little about myself:
I'm married with a 14 year old teen daughter and we live in Malaysia for nearly 2 years. This is my home country but having lived out of it for close to 20 years, coming back takes a lot of adjusting. It's fun traveling and playing tourists with my daughter and showing her all the places I have visited. On the downside, the internet speed is killing me and the best we could purchase is a 4MB line and it cost a bomb to get a fixed IP! That's my pet peeves as you will hear of me grumbling on and off when I get disconnected. LOL

Outside of scrapbooking, I sometimes join my husband on his short business trips. I love taking photos and read before I go to bed. I'm an experimental cook and loves new recipes. When I am in that mode, my family will say uh-oh... and ask if they could call a reservation to a restaurant. Recently I tried out a new recipe with mince meat and ended up scrapping the lot and made lasagna instead. The family ate looking at me with accusing eyes! LOL

okay... enough babbling... please check out my store here.
I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better!
Have a pleasant day always.



The Loopy-O
Hi Alice! So nice to meet you- I am really looking forward to using your designs- they are just fab!!!
And you sounds like a trip- lots of fun :)


O' whip cracker whip
Welcome Alice, so nice to read more about you :) I read before I go to bed too!! I have to or I wont sleep :)


So good to be back!
Hi Alice!! Another reader here ;) !! Your designs are beautiful, can't wait to play with them!!
Welcome to Oscraps!

Bush Girl

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Selamat datang Alice,

I just moved to back to London after years in Singapore, so I'm freezing my b*** off. And am so missing the makan. Have some laksa for me and welcome to the forum.


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hey Alice! im new hete too at Oscraps! and im LOVING it!!! hope to know you more. a-oh! and your designs rock!!!


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Welcome Alice! What a small world! We've been in touch before...happy to see you here!


Hello Alice! I just checked out your blog last night. Loved the stories about your daughter. Where were you living before returning to Malaysia?

Alice Koh

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Thank you for your welcome ladies. :)
Bush Girl - terima kasih! My DD was born in Singapore. I go there quite often because my parents live there.

Cynthiacozumel & Cat - I enjoy reading and will get lost in it. It has become a routine to read before bed time. Currently reading DD's book New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. She says she will fall for the Vampire anytime and live with him to eternity. I've been teasing her that I prefer the were wolf 0_o

Wendy! yes... at DST. :) It's great to see somebody I recognize!

LSlycord - my daughter is everything to me and being an only child she knows she is well loved. I am glad aside from her teenage moods which drive me crazy at times, she stills talks to us everything that goes on in her life.

We called Bangkok and Phuket home for 2 years and in between lived a month or two in different cities around the world. DH travels for his business and if his consultancy is needed for longer period, we will put up in the hotel because he wants his family together all the time. DD grew up in hotels and it was only moving back here that we finally settle in a house. You can imagine how excited we get just to fill up our fridge and go grocery shopping! It took a while for DD not to call for maintenance each time her light doesn't work! LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!
The thunderstorm has cleared a bit although it still looks rather moody outside . I am going to take care of my little patch of garden later in the afternoon and then out to attend a function this evening. :)


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welcome alice! I missed it somewhere, do you have a blog to check out?? I would love to do that so I can see your work!!! Thanks!

Alice Koh

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I don't really blog so much as to highlight some of my products. You can click on my blog blinkie to get there. :)

Have a nice weekend!


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Hi Alice

Apa Khabar? Di mana awak tinggal di Malaysia? Anyway enough of that. Thank you for the lovely leaves. I have been trying hard to make my own but my photography or my extracting is not good enough.
I am new to this board. Tried digital scrapbooking after a stroke and pursue it whenever I can. welcome.

Alice Koh

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Hi Catherine,
21 km ke utara Pulau Penang (answering Catherine's question about where I live. I said 21 kms north of Penang Island) :p

Glad you could make it to this forum! Welcome to you too.



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Hey Alice! Thanks for the awesome, informative post! Your designs are very bright and unique; thanks for sharing! =)


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Hi Alice!!

Love your designs. They're awesome! Did you know I lived in Malaysia for 6 months when I was a kid? Don't remember much, but I had a lot of fun running around there!!!


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Welcome to the Team! We are both new and getting lost together! LOL! I look forward to getting to know you better...

Alice Koh

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Thanks for the welcome, ladies! I'm liking this place very much, Dawn. Oscraps has the most fabulous team of designers and the cheerios are WOW!!!

BiG CLAPS to these ladies!