How to make a person album or gallery?


ONA - Administrator
I can't find any directions for making a personal album or gallery.
Hi there and welcome to Oscraps. :)

To create a personal album, go to the Gallery and click the Add Layout button.
Now scroll right down to the bottom of that gallery listing, there you will find two options:

When you click on the Create Personal Album you will see this screen next:


Enter your Album title and description if you want to.
With the settings as to who can view your layouts,
  • Album owner only - this would mean that only you can view it, and your layouts would not appear in any other category (gallery), so if your layout is for a challenge and you only uploaded to your personal album then it would not be shown in the challenge gallery at all. By the same token, posting a link to your layout in the forum would not work either as this type of album is considered to be 'Private'
  • Registered members - these are Oscraps members, people that have registered.
  • Everyone - this means that your layouts in yours album would be seen by registered members as well 'guests', those that have not registered at Oscraps
  • Specific members - as implied, you can enter the usernames of just those people you give viewing rights to.

When you upload your next layout you would then just use the "Add layout to existing album"

Hope that helps. :)


ONA - Administrator
Thank you, awesome Ona!!! So the second option is the correct one...good to know!!!! LOL I don't upload layouts myself so I wasn't sure :heartpumpred:
Jenn, looks like we posted at the same time above, lol! ♥ But you were correct on how to create the album......... I don't use the album feature either, but it would be a good idea if you wanted to catergorise your layouts, like all family, nature, etc etc. The tricky bit is assigning the viewing rights as I mentioned above as keeping the album private won't allow you to 'share' your layout in challenges or in the forum. :)


Jenn :)
Yep, we pretty much did!! LOL I will just message you next time something needs to be answered that I am not 100% sure about...I deleted my post in case it was too confusing...lol And thank you for your imformative post...I learned something today, YAY!! :giggle4: