How Do You Get Over the Christmas Slump?


I solemnly swear I am up to no good!
I know it's near the end of January, but I'm still feeling the let down from all the festivities, the decorations, and the family time we were able to have. It's translated to me not getting back in the stride with home schooling (our last year!! EEK!!) and house work.

What do you do to get yourself off your butt and be motivated again?


The Loopy-O
I don't necessarily feel a Post-Holiday slump since mine melds into Seasonal Affective Disorder. I use a light therapy lamp for that. I also tend to feel so relieved to have the decorations and tree gone, that I don't miss the holidays as much. I don't have any advice or suggestions. I live for my to-do lists to keep me a little more focused. I hope you get back into the groove soon.