Do you like the changing seasons?


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Because I do. I love the end of Summer, the days getting shorter, being more inside again. Spending the evenings with my family, watching some Netflix, lighting a candle. Also I love the changing colors of nature.
At the end of Autumn I always long for Winter, hoping for snow and ice. Looking at the birds in my garden when the gather around my birdhouse with seeds.
Then at the end of Winter, when it slowly gets warmer, when nature starts to get green again and flowers start to bloom again. Awh, that makes me happy every year again.
And at the end of Spring, when sometimes so suddenly Summer is there. My husband sets the pool up in the garden and we enjoy the long warm days, the cooling off in the pool and the evenings beings outdoors, sitting around the fire.
I truly am a season girl, and although I prefer one season a bit more than the other, I can't image living without the change of seasons.


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Yes, I'm glad I live in an area that has all 4 seasons! And even though I like some seasons better than others, I'm still happy to see the changes in each one!


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I love them. I was raised in the midwest, but lived in Florida for many years. We don't live there anymore and I'm loving the feeling of fall in the air. Fall is my favorite season.


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It depends on the season LOL
I love the change from winter to spring. I truly feel reborn. :flower: Spring to summer isn't a big change in NJ, it just gets hotter and more humid which I love. Fall is nice, but only because of Halloween LOL!


I love changing seasons! I grew up in Iowa and we definitely had all four seasons. This will be my 5th fall in northeast Florida and there are no changing leaves. Last fall we took a two week road trip through the Blue Ridge mountains then across the midwest. I so enjoyed the falling leaves plus the cool, crisp air. We are looking for a way that we can spend more of our fall time in the midwest next year.


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I live where there are four very definite seasons and I love each one! Spring and Fall are my favs! The wonderful sweet smells of the blossoms in spring and the gorgeous colours and cooler days of Autumn! Our summers have been so very hot and dry, it will be nice when the rains finally come and replenish the Lakes and rivers!


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I love the change of seasons. Living in Michigan, we get to experience all four seasons. The joke is that sometimes it's all in the same day!