Dec. Challenge #2 - Typography


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Hi everyone! Welcome to this month's typography challenge! Go easy with me, okay - it's my first here at the 'O'. ;) When I was thinking about what to do for this month's challenge, I wanted something that would push my own boundaries, too, and then it hit me: page titles! I struggle with page titles and often reach for wordart (I mean, why not - the designers have done the work for you 'cause they're awesome like that!). It's something I really would like to improve in my digi toolkit, so here we are ...

This month's challenge is to combine at least two different type faces to create your page title. Mix a chunky, block font with cursive. Apply styles and blending modes to change the appearance of your fonts. Have fun mixing and matching.

Want some examples? Let's start with the Oscraps website homepage. Here three font types used: one for the word Oscraps, then a typewriter-style, and a handwritten or script font. A great little trick there, too, is to have the main title (one or two words), and then a sub-title, which is the perfect place for mixing in a few different fonts.


From www.inspirationfeed.com, how about turning your page title into subway art like this:


From www.boostinspiration.com - another example of mixing type styles to create a title (in this example, it was a quote):


For more inspiration, do some Google images searches using keywords like typography, logos, and even scrapbook page titles. Here's the page I created as well as examples from the Cherry-O's. I really wanted to emphasize the word "loveliest," in the quote as I love the changing of the seasons that come about in Autumn, so that's the one in the quote that I chose to highlight by creating a label --


From Marijke


From Vera


From Sandrine


From Flor​

The Rules:

* Create a page title that uses at least two different font types.
* You must use 80% Oscraps products.
* Your page must be posted in the Number 2 Gallery by the end of the month and linked back to this thread.
* Update the monthly tracking thread to be eligible for your coupon.
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Great challenge! I need to finish my painting & knitting projects so I can come play!


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Wow!! I step away for a few days and come back to see all the gorgeousness that you continue to create ... and all so very different from each other (love how we all interpret challenges)! Great job ladies - left you all some love in the gallery!


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I've been wanting to scrap this quote for quite awhile. Thank you for having this challenge fit perfectly!


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-blocked no2 by designed by soco
-cozy cocoa by ninigoesdigi
-fonts-bickley script-the liz-amd sort of my type


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These are fabulous! I love that some of you really took the challenge to heart and totally ran with it as far as adding as many type faces are possible!


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Hi everyone!! I've been out of town and just popped back on the forums and ... wow, you HAVE been busy!! :) I'm off to check out the gallery and leave you all some love!!

Keep 'em coming - still got about a week and a half until the end of the month!