Daily Ooo's: Wednesday, June 1


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Welcome to ... June?! :confused: Dang, those first five months flew by! Just a quick "Hey!" from me as I'm out the door with Stan to get to the two-week post-op appointment with his oral surgeon. Who the heck booked an 8:15 am appointment in an area that's right in the middle of three major intersections, in rush hour traffic???!!! Oh yeah. Me. :frusty:


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Hi Kat- why didn't I see this yesterday? Hmm, go figure, why don't I see anything most days?
Poor you, all of that traffic- it is one thing that I don't mind about living in the sticks. it might take me 45 mins to get anywhere but for the most part, I am moving. whe I lived in Parsippany- it would take me that long to go 5 miles in stop and go traffic.
Hope that the appt went well!