Daily Ooos: Tuesday, November 23


The Loopy-O
If at any point in the next several months, I seem to be acting erratically, assume that my account has been taken over by my son.
Last night at dinner, Gary and Scott were talking about how in almost every online site they read, posts turn into arguments and drama. Doesn't matter the topic, it could be political or music or 3D printing. 99% of the comments are s***-posting.
I was very smug when I said that we don't have that here. Very smug. Probably a little too smug. *nods* The O is practically drama-free. (I did tell them about the digital scrapping vs paper scrapping "wars" in the early days of scrapping online and they were amused at that-) Scott came up with a plan to provoke the O into a fight. I told him that if he did that, I have mod powers and I would ban him.
His response to that: He was going to hack my account and over the next several months, would start posting about the taboo topics- slowly at first, then more blatant. Then he would-- as me-- start banning people that I (he) "disagreed" with. He would cause such a stir that Vicki would have no other option than to perma-ban me.
That kid had a devious mind ROTF!! He had it all planned out, tested every angle, and was so over the top. I couldn't stop laughing.

I wish I could say that I got a lot of "important" things done yesterday. I started on the gnomes and two actually look like gnomes. Not done yet but getting there. I found some silvery ribbon/cord that I used to cover the wire on their arms. The coffin box got two coats of paint- I am trying to hide it in the basement so it is covered with brown kraft paper and a note that says "Don't peek." It needs more paint and then the clear coat. The family knows that I am painting something, they just don't know what.
I am picking up groceries this morning and then - *throws hands in the air* I wish I knew! hahahahah!!!

happy note-- we have a tentative date for decorating the tree! Should be good for next Tuesday!


The Loopy-O
@bcgal00 Did your day fly by too? Mine sure did.
Hope that J is able to get the car. What kind?

@taxed4ever I never worry about you when you go MIA on the weekends. I know your Gary has the whip in hand. LOL!!!!
Is the family taking bets on how long your Gary's advice to his dad will last? Is it hours or days? Your FIL truly sounds like my dad. Scott is going down today to finish the leaves for him and how much do you want to bet that he overdoes it as well? No one wants to take that bet. SMH
I would have been so confused to see all of the veggies on my doorstep too. How sweet of you to pickle to the beets and give them away.
I have made acorn squash /bisque soup - same as when I make butternut soup. It is a milder flavor but very similar to the other winter squashes. I don't know if I have a recipe handy but if I find it, I'll share.

@BrightEyes I saw the flowers on FB, stunning bouquet!!
Your eggnog toast made my heart smile. Glad that he is always with you.

@tanteva Sending hugs to you, so sorry that you haven't had an easy time.
Bwuhahahah!! yes, November is a GREAT month!!! <3 yes, it is all good! Love it all! (Did that help to unjinx what I said to you in the first sentence?)
I don't know, the past few days I might be trying to take your crown. The kids' schedules have been messed up and my head is not in *any* game whatsoever. I think I have made plain pasta every night for dinner this past week. I am officially sick of pasta - something I never thought I would say :D

@Cherylndesigns I am happy for you with being done with your shopping. Distressed that I am nowhere close to it but at least I have a few things... It was so much easier when the kids were little. :(
Of course, I am like you-- until Dec 24th, I am never officially done LOL

@nancyr CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! I didn't realize the wedding was this month!!! How fantastic, you must be so happy! I am happy dancing for you all! I am so excited to see the photos when you scrap them. Everything sounds like it was perfect <3

@felis J needed to get a rabies shot. I was supposed to go last month to the fee clinic but bailed because we had horrible rain. She is utterly ridiculous, she was curled up under the chair in the exam room, facing the wall -- it was like she was saying "If I can't see you, you can't see me!" haha! The vet asked if it was ok if she just gave her the shot on the floor rather than on the table-- that was a great idea, she didn't even notice. Silly girl. ;)

@tjscraps Adulting is the pits. Sorry that you have to do that. It would have been a nice time to celebrate your b-day in Vancouver. The flight must be a long one, I can understand why it would be hard for your DH. Hang int here! xo

Eva!! That is impressive, 13th cousin. :D:D:D



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Chris, I absolutely don't know what forum you read, but is not the same as me, lol. I'm often in argues with someone at O. , just because I have strict principles, and of course I know the truth better :p;):cool:! But yes, it's in my culture mostly. Bulgarian forums are created as cynical exercise for debating and argues.
Oh, it's nice to hear that J was there just for shot I was worried. My vet comes at home, but still they just know that he is evil person and aren't calm at all. :Do_O


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I was trying to post a Standing O, but when I go to do it there is already something under my name by faerywings- so I can't post anything. Is this something wrong? Why is the faerywings stuff under my avatar? Confused!
OMG, Scott really did it he hack and post like mad! :D:D:p:D:eek::D:D
I know it's some kind of confusion and hope someone to help to the lady, but it's SO hilarious that happened today! My stomach hurt from laugh!


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Good morning ladies. I've got lots to do today and need to get out for groceries and take the dogs to the park later even though it'll be a busy work day and I shouldn't go out but...the heavy rain is coming again tomorrow for many days so want to take advantage of the clear skies to walk the dogs.

@faerywings Jen is waiting to hear if the dealership fiddles with the numbers a bit b/c the interest rate went up just as she was in negotiations with them so wants to work that out first and if not, she'll keep looking. There is nothing wrong with her car, its a beauty, but she really wants an SUV for Bella.

Gotta get to work.


Administrator Crazy about the "O"
Good Morning everyone, it is a sunny day today for a change! I hope to get out for a good walk today as I don't think I will be hiking tomorrow. The hike is a fair distance away and we are on gas restrictions because of all the flooding in the interior of B.C. So of course people panic and take more than they need and now the rest of us are paying for it. grrrr!! It will be a rainy day anyway, if the forecast is correct and my sister wants to come for a visit with me in the afternoon. It will be good to see her again, her only day off of work is on Wednesdays so we never get to see much of each other. I made a batch of soup yesterday and it turned out really great! I had a little taste, but there are far too many carbs in it so it will be mostly for my Gary to eat. :(
I got another calendar page completed and so today I will work on page 10 today. Just about finished Hooray!!

@faerywings - Yikes sure hope Scott doesn't really try to hack your account! How scary would that be! What a devious mind LOL. I would love that recipe should you find it, but don't go crazy looking for it, I am sure I will find something on the internet. Had a nice face time with Heather this morning and she is busy making all kinds of banana loaves and mini muffins for the boys to enjoy. It is so good to see her happy in her Kitchen even though it is so small, its easy for her to get around in. She just really needs so much more counter space! I hope you will post a photo of the gnomes you are working on, I would love to see them! I hope you have a productive day and that your grocery shopping goes well! I am sure you will be busier than you think!

@felis - Do you think that Scott started something devious in the forums?? :eek:. I wonder what is happening with that post by ouisiekelly?? I will have to take a look at that! Hope you are able to get the Chevy Stevens books that you want, how nice that there are some in your language to read!

@bcgal00 - I feel the same about getting out for a walk today also, not looking forward to the deluge of rain that is coming our way! It will be good to get out in the sunshine for a change! Hope that your daughter can get what she wants in a vehicle! Are people going nuts at the gas stations where you are?

@tjscraps - I hope that you enjoy your time in Vancouver, but it is a big, big city and I don't blame you for not wanting to spend your birthday there!

@nancyr - Oh how wonderful that the wedding went so well!!! I am so happy for your whole family! So nice to have a Daughter-In-Law and now instant grandchildren too! Hopefully one day we hear that there will be another one on the way?? Looking forward to seeing all the photos from the wedding! You are blessed!! Glad to have you back here at the O!

Ok I better hit the shower and get my morning chores done, still have to clean the bathrooms today also. I have been putting that job off since the weekend, they need to be done. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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Good afternoon. I hope everybody is doing well on this Tuesday. I need to gather up some energy because I have a lot to do today. I started re-organizing my closet and haven't finished that yet. It's driving me nuts, so that's on my agenda. I'll try to come back later on and chat a bit more.


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
I hope you all are sitting down, cuz what I'm about to tell you is shocking!!!

I have been scrapping!!!!!

I know - crazy! I've made a layout for the storybook/fantasy challenge, but I'll let it stew over night, to see if I think I should do some tweeking.

First time I opened PSE for over a week!


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good evening - so I got my first two wedding pages done. These are from photos I took as they still do not have the photos from the photographer. Fun to scrap again. My oven is broken and can not be fixed and still waiting for a new one as it is on back order. I do miss my oven. Luckily the kids are doing Thanksgiving. No walk today as it is windy and chilly. They are paving our street so I could not go to the store as I could not carry all the bags from the side street to my house. I did did go to the local WaWa and got milk and DP. Must haves. Watching hockey.

@faerywings Chris that is pretty funny about Scott! And that is why this forum is so nice that there are not really arguments. Keep warm!

@felis felis that is interesting about your Bulgarian forums and liking discussions. Glad you speak your mind!

@bcgal00 Rae of course you are busy. Have fun with the dogs. Hope the car interest rates are good for Jen. Always fun to get a new car.

@taxed4ever Trudy I get the Winnepeg paper must have been a hockey thing and I saw the stories on the flooding. Horrible. Have fun with your sister. Glad you are getting that calendar done. Soup is perfect for this time of the year!

@Cherylndesigns Cheryl good luck with finishing the closet clean out!

@tanteva Eva congrats on scrapping! I know what you mean. It does feel good to open that program and scrap! Have fun!

Waving to all!


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@tjscraps Adulting is the pits. Sorry that you have to do that. It would have been a nice time to celebrate your b-day in Vancouver. The flight must be a long one, I can understand why it would be hard for your DH. Hang int here! xo
Hahahaha it is about an hour and 15 minute flight. Up, over the mountains, down. He finally got in to the dr for a followup and had the test results, and has a mitt full of antibiotics and potassium to take every day for 2 weeks, so I'm hoping that he will be feeling better very, very soon!

@tjscraps - I hope that you enjoy your time in Vancouver, but it is a big, big city and I don't blame you for not wanting to spend your birthday there!
If my family was coming I would love to spend it there, but since they won't be I'd rather be home with them :)