Daily Ooos: Tuesday, May 4


The Loopy-O
[jedi smilie] May the 4th be With you!
I sure do miss our smilies.

How are you all doing today? I am a mix of excited and nervous. First haircut and color since November 2019. I am excited to hopefully cover some of the grey and get rid of the extremely dead and crunchy ends. Nervous because I am going to have to be semi-social for a couple of hours. And of course, I have no idea what I want to be done with my hair. But socialize??? Ack!

We had a nice dinner last night with Gary. Cait's first class was postponed so it was nice to have her with us. She is so stressed, 4 Final Papers are due this week and she is such a perfectionist. The one she has been working on the past few days is a hypothetical Research Proposal with a page limit of 5-7 pages. She already has a 100 in the class and is at 9 pages, trying to cut it down a bit. But everything is important so she struggles with that, but as you have seen with her grades, the professors are more than happy with her work.

Not much else happening here, I have a sinkful of dishes from last night and then I get to sit in a chair for a while and struggle to think of things to say :p
(I much prefer the dirty dishes at this point)



hOney, i'm hOme
Started today with a proper scare! I was watching an episode of Inspector Lewis last night and I fell asleep on the sofa. Must have been really tired cuz I didn't wake up until my medicine alarm woke me at 9. Thought it was a bit strange I hadn't woken when hubby came down for breakfast and went to work. Got out in the kitchen, and there was no sign of him even having breakfast. Looked out of the window and the car was still here!!! I panicked - was sure he was dead upstairs in bed. (That's what life is like with anxiety problems - always the worst case scenario in mind.) Ran up, but the bed was empty and his clothes gone. I must've slept really hard this morning, and he must've taken the bus. It's been SNOWING here today, and we have the summer tires on the car, he probably decided it was better to take the bus. But boy did I wake up!!!

Made a layout for the template challenge. Now I'm out of challenges. Well, I have an idea for Vicky's challenge, that I will try.

Dinner today will be something with the zucchini I bought yesterday. Not sure what I'll end up making. That's the sport of cooking. Not knowing what to do until you start. :D


The Loopy-O
@Cherylndesigns How is Chuck feeling today? Hope he is back to normal. Sorry to hear that the weather is crummy- we have that too but just cooler. Have you thought any more about Sam or are you going to wait until you see him? I was debating between These Tangled Vines and The Darkest Flower. Your choice pushes me closer to Vines.

@tanteva I shouldn't laugh (but I did!) at your description of your day and everything that was pushed aside while you were creating the perfect page. Poor hubby!! I have only gotten one page done this month and here you are almost done. Probably done by the time you read this.
Do you have a trick for air-fryer tofu? I tried that once for Caitlyn and it got rock hard.

@bcgal00 My head is filled with the puppies running around and playing with each other. Love it!!
I usually bake Caitlyn's tofu- cube it, spray with cooking oil, and pop it in the oven. I am not crazy about the texture so I have no idea how it comes out. I love hearing how you all cook it so maybe I can try it some different ways for her.

Kay- hope that the weather is more cooperative today than it was yesterday.
I miss going to my parents' lakehouse, I could sit on the sofa and read at least one book over the weekend. Sit with coffee and a book, then wine and a book.
Good luck to DS#1!!



The Loopy-O
Eva-- I know exactly how you felt! BTDT on way more than one occasion. Yup, life with anxiety... Glad to hear that he was OK but not happy at all about it snowing.
Have fun scrapping today :)


hOney, i'm hOme
Just had the BEST PHONE CALL EVER! We will get our first shot tomorrow afternoon! I've been waiting for our turn to get vaccinated, and on the news yesterday they said we'd probably will get our first shot in the beginning of June. When the nurse called today, I told her I love her. LOL

Here's the recipe I used for airfried tofu:
I cook it for 7 minutes, then shake it, and then in 5 minutes, and if needed I give it a couple of minutes more. Using lemon juice to marinate is fantastic. Yesterday I spiced it with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and Aromat. (Hmm - wonder if it's called Aromat in other countries??? It's Knorr anyway - I use it a lot cuz it gives that umami flavor.)

Yup --- here it is. You can trust monosodium glutamate to do the trick. LOL


Yesterday I felt we had gone back to winter... cold and blustery with rain and thunder. Decided I need some comfort food for supper... and once it was on the plate - I snapped a few photos as I remembered that Momma O's challenge was about food. LOL Enjoyed my dinner and used the photo for the challenge. Got a 2-for-1 out of that supper! :p Today is a bit warmer thank goodness. Played around with making a page for the border challenge and got it uploaded.

Oh, Eva.... I can imagine how scary it was to not find your hubby anywhere in the house and his car still at home. SNOW!!! oh, my... no wonder he took the bus to work. We had snow on the mountains yesterday but rain in the lower elevations. So glad that you have your appointment to get your Covid vaccine.

Chris... bet you will do fine with socializing while you get your hair done. Bet it will give you a real lift to have a cut and other stuff. I felt like a new woman once I got my last haircut and I enjoy it every day when I look in the mirror. So glad that Cait was able to be at Gary's birthday dinner. Wow, your family has a lot of birthdays this month.

Better get dressed and get the laundry sorted. CYL


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Good afternoon all!

Chris, @faerywings thanks for asking about Chuck. He started feeling a little better yesterday and seems to be almost back to normal today. He said he thinks he had a bug (or maybe left over effects from his vaccine). When he complains, I know he really feels bad because he's not a complainer. I was pretty worried about him over the weekend. I had decided to put Sam "on hold" and he asked me, this morning, when we could go meet Sam. WOW! I called the lady from the Humane Society and she's meeting us there at 5:30 tonight. So, if we make a connection, we'll have a Kitty Brother for Daisy. Haha

We've got rain, rain, and more rain. BAD storms last night! Everything is still intact, though - ferns didn't blow down, or anything like that. Ava was going to bring them in and Chuck told her that they had to learn to "weather the storms". Chuck-think. ROTF

The gang came over last night and Chuck felt good enough to boil some frozen shrimp and make some yummy pasta. That with good rolls was all this bunch needed. I think you'll like Vines, but the other one is probably good too. I just tend to go with authors I've read and liked.

Eve @tanteva snow??? And what a scare about your hubby! But congrats on getting the vaccine lined up!

Kay, @BrightEyes you're having cold weather too. I guess it's all around. It's 54 here today. Your comfort food sounds good - I'm going to go look at your layout. I'm hungry today - I ate late last night - very unusual for me and now I'm hungry all day.

Chris @faerywings I hear ya about the haircut. Remember, I just had to endure that after 3 years. I was pretty unsure about it, by Adrienne went with me and we ended up having a great time. I promise you'll feel better! Just having somebody wash my hair, then blow it dry was so nice.

Gotta run - Chuck and Ava hung my Hummingbird feeders right outside my scraproom window and they're coming already! They are very skittish because I know they see me in here, but I'm hoping they'll get used to me and stay long enough to get some pictures.

Waving to all!


hOney, i'm hOme
Thankful - the snow was just here for a very short visit. It's still cold, feels like October or something, but it's gotta change soon. Just got up, sitting here with my morning coffee. Hubby has gone to work to do some hours before he gets back home for lunch, and then we go to get vacc'ed.

Oh Happy Day!