Daily Ooos: Tuesday, June 8


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Hello O-zies!
I am going to try to make this quick, I am going food shopping this morning and have to get into the shower soon. I had such a wonderful time out in the yard yesterday. I didn't see my garter snake friend again, but I saw a bunch of toad friends. Got a couple of pics of him:
And he is different than the one I was talking to the other day:
The markings on their backs are totally different.

Other than working outside, I tidied up around here and came up with a list for some of our family theme nights. We narrowed them down to five: Space Balls, Mad Hatter, Casino, Redneck, and Video Games/Nintendo. Thank goodness for Pinterest!

Food shopping this morning and some housework/yard work later on. I have to call my mom, I haven't talked to her in a few days.
That is about it!



The Loopy-O
@tanteva I told my family about your education and health care. We all want to move! It got me thinking that what you pay out of pocket in one year is a *fraction* of what most people pay for their deductible. Since you probably and luckily have no idea what a deductible is- it is the amount of money you have to pay to your insurance company *before* they actually start to cover the medical expenses. I was lucky after the Affordable Care Act was passed that I could find insurance plans that only had a $1000 deductible. Then I would still have co-payments where I would pay $20-50 per medical service and they would pay the balance.
How f-ed up is that?
No bananas!! Outrageous! :D
Glad that you were able to find some cash for them

@taxed4ever How was shopping? The first few times I drove a long distance I thought the same thing, it felt so odd.
How many t-shirts have you made in total? Do you think you can make them to sell? How strange the weather has been everywhere. It keeps flip-flopping through extremes. I hope that you get enough rain that you don't end up having another drought.

We pay less in sales tax in NJ-- it's 6.something% for everything other than food and medicine. We also pay a *lot* in property tax to the state and then Federal income tax on top of it all. It feels like a lot especially when you realize that we don't get a lot of services like you go- Caitlyn is one of the "lucky" ones-- her tuition is less because she went to a community college and then a state college and will end up owing about $50,000 when she graduates and that is after paying off a lot of her tuition already. Scott when the same route and owed $12K but he didn't go for a Master's Degree and he got a scholarship for one full semester.
The right of public access is something that I knew about from my Swedish friend- we were walking at the Botanical Gardens by us and she would say how she wished that we had that here, that it was sad that the trees had fruit that was rotting and that no one could take it. I don't understand that mentality either- so much goes to waste.

anyway. it is 8 am and that was my time limit to be there. I will hopefully be back later today.


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
I meant to do some scrapping now,, but I hear thunder .... not sure how close it is, cuz the sun is still shining here. But I probably should turn of the puters. Get some reading done and eat some lunch maybe.

You know as soon as I turn off the puter, the thunder is gone LOL


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Got a couple of pics of him:
Did you ask him if he is my prince? I want one even if it's just an ordinary frog!
Regular post later (probably).
But Chris I found this channel and maybe this is what you was asking for. Give a look and lets me know. If it's not this will keep looking! I have a really gorgeous (I mean he is extremally sexy and successful) life coach, but it's not on englis, sorry, you'll have to deal with a lady.

Coping Skills for Anxiety

Oh and Chris you probably kidding, but lots of people (including my sis and BIL) change their country. It's so funny that my british friend can move everywhere and start be online english teacher, so they are what they call modern nomad. They aren't been a teacher in UK, but are native english which is enough.

@tanteva all this is awesome, BUT I have friend that live in Stockholm, so could you please describe your winter season for Chris! :p ;) My friend love Sweden!
She insist that all the best innovation are Swedish: "Swedish table", ''Swedish three'' and ect. :p:D
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all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Talking about differences between US and Sweden: alcohol is really expensive here, and quite regulated. A decent bottle of wine are about $10-15. A bottle of Jim Beam (700 ml) is $32. A bottle of Budweiser is $1.80. Just to give you an idea.

Also there are tons of regulations to buying and consuming alcohol.

This guy's Youtube channel is really interesting. He's an American, living in Sweden, and he talks a lot about of his experiences. Here's the video about Systembolaget (Governmental liquor store chain in Sweden) where he explains some of the differences on alcohol:



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Good afternoon. Checking in. Feeling a bit better today. I managed to make a LO for Challenge 1 yesterday. Chuck ordered a small bistro set for our front porch. It came yesterday and he put it together. It's small - like our porch and the scale is perfect.

Beautiful day here - I went out and sat in one of the new chairs, but it's too hot to stay out there until I get some cooler clothes on.

Have a good day.


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Here I am again!
I'm overworking to compensate my overshopping this month, but who cares when the yarn came today! I'm satisfied from the quality and little bit worried about the quantity. It's quite difficult for me to calculate correct. The store site gives you some sample instructions for the size, but who knows will see. Have 5-6 project in my mind and I'm so excited but also a little bit nervous. Is that happens to somebody else: to feels overloaded from the abundance?
It's not only for crocheting, but any projects, scraping too. Did you saw the new 52 kit? It's gorgeous and I love making jams. But at the moment have list with maybe 7 or more other ideas for layouts. Have to sit and start do them from somewhere!

OK, I've already response for Chris today, needs just to add that from yesterday's post you have sent back purrings from my boys, darling! And you was ask me, I'm allergic to our linden tree and stubborn enough to refuse to take chemicals (some people calls them pills). Ironically, but linden is one of my favorite teas.

Cheryl actually use her kiddo Sam as an assistant and I suspect this can be count as cats labor exploitation. We can't be sure did she or he actually scraped the LO! :p:D;)
Oh, I need to see this bistro set is it on your IG? I have garden chairs in my living room. Find them more comfortable, think it's eccentric and shows how less I give a damn about the interior rules!

Eva, I don't drink alcohol except on events, so don't find this as a minus. Hope the thunder wasn't too bad! We had rain whole day too, but just more like drizzle.

Rae, sounds great that your dogs likes the new park!

Trudy, similar changes of the forecast here too. I can't believe how cold are nights in June, so crazy! Love to hear that Mason has an awesome bday! Best wishes to him!