Daily Ooos: Thursday, November 25: Thanksgiving Edition!


The Loopy-O
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, whether you celebrate today or not. I try to focus on the gratitude sentiment of the day as opposed to the "historical" so I will say that I am grateful for all of you. I am thankful to start my day with this wonderful group of women on a fantastic, supportive, and creative website.
I am also grateful that you all haven't banned me for my general kookiness LOL

Good(ish) news- I slept until 5am. *woot woot hands in the air woot woot* By the time we sit down for dinner tonight at my ILs, I would normally be in my PJs here. It is going to be a long day to be "on." I am so out of practice being around people the last couple of years that it is exhausting trying to keep up.
At the same time, it is going to be really wonderful being with the family. I am going to miss my nieces and nephews today but at least I will have everyone else by me. As of right now, Gary is planning on coming too, so I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that he is able to.

I continued to work on the gnomes in the morning. They are mostly done, they need some extra details, like the brim of their hats and some feathers or ribbons. The coffin box should be ready to go too. Slowly but surely, I am plugging along :D I didn't do a thing after I got back from cleaning. I decided that I should do my nails so they didn't look totally split and bitten- just don't; look too closely!

This morning I am making the vegan stuffing and "roast." I think while I am doing that, I am going to treat myself to a mimosa. We still have prosecco in the fridge from my dad's b-day last week. It is going to go flat if I don't drink it, so might as well *wink*
I guess we are leaving here around 3-3.30 or so. Plenty of time to have a meltdown or two. hahah!!

hugs to all of you!!!
May all of you have an easy day, filled with love!


The Loopy-O
@BrightEyes So happy to read that you have a wonderful b-day family chat. Glad that DS#2 was able to call in as well.
It's also really nice to hear you share joyful memories of your DH. I know this time of year is hard for you but I can see the happy times are shining through.
That whole thing with Luisa had me LMBO- I told Scott about it at dinner last night. The coffin box is an 18" wooden box that I am going to use as the base/container for the group gift I am giving to the family. It is going to a Spooky Bartender Basket. I got a skeleton bottle stopper and skull swizzle sticks along with some Halloween plates and napkins. I am scrapping a recipe book of spooky cocktails. Should be fun for them to open.
It looks like we are in the 1-3" zone for snow tomorrow. Hopefully, it won't stick too much to the roads.

@Cherylndesigns You have been in your house for only a year and already your closet is hiding clothes on you? *G*
Yuck about Jury Duty. I have been "lucky" that every time I was called, I was able to be excused before the date. I was either taking care of the kids or had a medical excuse. Next time I get called, I won't have either of them. Happy birthday to Alyssa and have an incredible time with the family!

@nancyr Why am I chuckling that the hockey team got stuff in traffic? haha! Don't they listen for Gridlock Alert Days? It seems like such a NY/NJ thing to have to happen. Hope you are feeling better today. Are you and DH doing anything today or are you just waiting to celebrate this weekend?
A little North Pole Elf/Faery says that I am getting the audio version of that book for Christmas. I am so excited! (I emailed the download link to Gary yesterday- *surprise!* LOL)



Administrator Crazy about the "O"
Morning ladies... very quickly in and out of here this morning. I have spent the last hour or so on face time with Heather and the boys. Mason has a very bad cold, runny nose etc. So both boys need to stay away from school until Mason is well again. Poor Heather she was trying to get the tree put up and Hunter keeps spreading the tree pieces all over the house LOL. I shouldn't laugh she has such a hard time getting around as it is without having tree pieces in the way :rolleyes: . So I kept Hunter occupied by reading three storybooks to him. He sat and listened to them quite contently! It is pouring rain again this morning, as we are getting yet another Atmospheric River come through. I think I like the name Pineapple Express better, it doesn't sound quite as ominous. Anyway I got another calendar page completed and will get it posted in the gallery hopefully this morning. Will work at getting my painting completed and I need to start a batch of bone broth this morning too. Lots to do and the morning is pretty much done already. So I better get into the shower and get busy!

@faerywings - Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I hope you all have a wonderful time together! Happy that you are doing so well with getting the gnomes all done and what a wonderful gift from your Gary!! I think that maybe this little elf needs to send the link to my Gary as well LOL. I prefer to have the audio book and listen to the great accent and have the book tell me what the Gaelic words mean. I am too lazy to look all those up LOL. So that might be a very early Christmas Gift to me!! Enjoy your day!! (the mimosa sounds like a good idea!)

Ok I have lots to do and will most likely hear from Heather and boys a few times today, they get bored and so they call me LOL. Happy Turkey Day to all of those in the States!!


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Happy thanksgiving everyone!

I have worked today & will work all day tomorrow. Really tired & I think I'm going to bed early tonight. Brain needs rest (and chocolate LOL).


Love my O Family!
Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!
We are getting ready to pack up the food I've been working on for 2 days and head over to my step daughter's house for our Thanksgiving meal. But wanted to say I am thankful for this site, as well, Chris! Thankful to work with such a wonderful team of creative women! Hugs to all! Have a blessed day wherever you are in this wonderful world!