Daily Ooos; Thursday, June 23


The Loopy-O
Good morning and happy Thursday from cold and rainy NJ. Yes, again. Or would that be "still"? Either way, the weather stinks!
I was bored yesterday but I got out of the house at least. Twice in fact. One to pick up my groceries and then Gary asked if I wanted to run to Tractor Supply to look for a dog's water dish. Nothing exciting but it was a change of scenery and got me away from the computer. Gary got a new puzzle from a garage sale "free table" so I opened that and sorted the pieces in the afternoon. It is of museum-style statues and paintings, lots of pieces of hands and feet and faces.

I am feeling a lot better, my hip is still hurting but some Aleve will help that and I have a feeling that moving around will also help a lot too.

Here's some coffee for you ~~



The Loopy-O
@LSlycord I saw your post/update about Shaun and I hope that is all it is and that all of this will be fixed soon. The poor guy... I can't imagine how frustrating it all is for him.
I can't wait to see those canvases, the portraits were such a fantastic idea to have done in Paris.

@BrightEyes I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. Don't push yourself (and yes, I hear you saying that back to me LOL!)

@bcgal00 did you stop in the decor store? Find anything neat?

@taxed4ever I am happy that you got to enjoy the sunshine for a change. having it dry must have been helpful for the screen door installation. Your boys are so cute- they know Grandma will spoil them with new t-shirts <3
I have been doing some gentle stretching for my hip, but I get so anxious that I am going to push it too far and then *boing!* there goes that back into full spasm.
Thank you for liking my scrapping! I can get a lot done inside when I am not able to be outside- I guess that is the "bright side" way to look at it. :/

@Cherylndesigns that was my reaction too about Timothy O.
Ava is tooooo sweet, I am not surprised at all that she cheered you up.
BTW, not *all* labs love water. Ravyn hated water. Didn't like her paws-- you know, with the webbed toes- getting wet. Silly dog (I miss her)
I bet her babies are getting really big, really quickly



all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Tomorrow it's Midsummer Eve here in Sweden (always celebrated the Friday closest to Summer Solstice) & in a couple of hours, Urban's summer vacation starts. Guess it's official - summer is here!

Started WeightWatchers yesterday. It's sooo us - starting just BEFORE the vacation. LOL On the other hand, it's never easier to eat healthy food than during the hot summer days. I crave veggies & fruit when it's hot. It's a bit weird to start, cuz WW has a new way of counting the points - AGAIN - and the things you remember aren't the same this time. E.g. I get less rice for 4 points than before, on the other hand - NO points for potatoes. Also, you can earn points by exercise, drinking water & eating veggies now. It will take some time to get used to the new way of thinking, but I just hope I can lose a little weight.

Today I'm making a version of this:
Think I've told you about this recipe before. It's soooo yummy. I will make the tofu in the air fryer instead (saving some points) and adding some veggies (earning some points), but basically it's the same recipe. That sauce is to DIE for!

Laundry day today - need to go and hang some laundry & start another machine.


Morning, all. Yesterday I was under the fleece blanket again... but not due to feeling bad. It was only 63*F at noon and raining! I made a quick run to the Post Office, library and Used Book store around 9 as it had stopped raining for about an hour. Got home right before the rain started again and continued off and on all day. I was feeling the cold from being out. Glad I made it to the used book as I came home with 10 DVD movies!!! They had just put out a bunch of new ones right before I got there! Need to get them into the DVD inventory soon. So I snuggled under the fleece throw and spent the afternoon in the recliner watching "Flight 93" (about the last plane highjacked on 9-11). It was very different - like a real time documentary of what happened that day. And the Special Bonuses were outstanding.

@faerywings I hear you about feeling the cold as we are having the same. It only made it to 70* late in the afternoon then dropped back into the low 60*s again. Today is suppose to be more of the same. Glad you were able to get out of the house for a bit, too. Hope the back and hip are feeling better. Yep... know how those back spasms can come out of no where and grab you. Hope that the cleaning for your friend doesn't set them off again!

@LSlycord Hoping the doctor is right about Shawn and that there is a solution to his problem. Good luck to Brian on his interview.
@tanteva You had me LOL over you starting WW right before you go on summer holiday! Yes, I tend to eat a lot more fresh fruit and vegetable's in the summer, too. Good luck on losing weight.

@Cherylndesigns We are never "too old" to like looking at good looking men! Glad your hubby is understanding about your raving over Timothy O! ;)

Time for another #coffeeand then decide if today is a PJ day or not. Need to give the knee more of rest after my being out and about yesterday.


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Good morning ladies. I plan to putter this morning, a bit of scrapping, a bit of house chores and might go over to the shopping area later, I need bird seed/suet and want to stop in at the library to update my address and get a permanent acct set up. My digital access to books is limited until I do this. Right now I am reading Project Mary and loving it. If you liked "The Martian" you would like this.

Summer must be here, I have 8 mosquito bites so far. They love me. Jen and D have no bites.

I'll come back later, Remi is barking at me and pushing a toy into my lap, wanting some play time. Be back soon LOL


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Good morning Lovelies,

I wish I could send some of our heat to you, Chris @faerywings and Kay @BrightEyes - it's only 84 right now, but expected to go into the 90's by afternoon. Ugh. Ava and I spent a few minutes looking at blow-up pools yesterday - there are some really nice ones and we looked on Pinterest and ppl have done some really cool things with them. I'm really tempted - at least I could float in it after I've been working outside in my flowers.

Kay @BrightEyes no, we're NEVER too old!! My hubby is the most secure man and he's not bothered a bit by my "crushes". My dear, departed mother-in-law lived to a ripe old age and she used to say "just because there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean there's not still a fire in the furnace". She'd see a good looking man, and she'd say "Now, he could eat crackers in my bed, anytime." Shat a hoot she was! She said they had to have nice teeth, though. Hahaha Hope your knee is better - wish you'd send some of your "cold weather" across the state line to us!

Linda @LSlycord I'm anxious to see what Shaun finds out - I'm pretty sure he went this week. I haven't had time to go back through the thread and look. Anyway, hoping for good news from you!

Eva @tanteva good luck with WW - they have a new app that you can get on your phone now - they're sure making it easier than when I went years ago.

Hope everybody has a nice Thursday. XOXO


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Eva @tanteva good luck with WW - they have a new app that you can get on your phone now - they're sure making it easier than when I went years ago.

Yes, the app is fantastic. Does all your counting, lots of recipes, a community, and the ability to scan barcodes in the store to make the best choice. I love it! I remember back in the 80s when you had to weigh everything, and have checklists. It was so much harder.


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Morning O ladies!! It is a super beautiful sunny morning!! After weeks and weeks of grey dull weather, it is finally looking like summer! Can you tell it makes me happy?? The screen door install went very well, the guy showed up an hour early and was done before lunch, so that was great! It will be so nice to be able to have the fresh air and breeze coming into the kitchen! DH was thinking that next summer we will get another one for my craft room door, we will see. I made a batch of broccoli cheddar soup yesterday in the instant pot, so yummy and so quick to make! Today I have to get a batch of bone broth going and get some more breakfast muffins made for my DH for during the week. I did not get my layout finished yesterday but hope to be able to do that today. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do LOL. However I am the worlds greatest procrastinator so its no wonder it takes me forever to finish anything! #crazy I start ohhing and ahhing at all the gorgeous pages in the gallery and get lost and forget to do what I need to LOL. Or I start watching You Tube videos on different projects I want to work on and there I go again lost in another world.

@faerywings - Ughh on your colder weather again today! Glad that your back is feeling better today and hope that some moving around will help with the stiffness in your hip! Have fun with your new puzzle! I really suck at doing puzzles, but I guess that's because I have such a short attention span LOL. Yes the boys keep this Grandma busy spoiling them, but that's what Grandmas do!!

@tanteva - Yes too funny that you are going on a diet during vacation time! But hey good on you for wanting to get back to healthy eating and losing some weight! Hope you enjoy the new way of counting points for WW!

@LSlycord - I read your post from yesterday and so glad that Shaun finally got to see someone who actually thinks he knows what is wrong! Hallelujah!!!

@BrightEyes - Sorry that the temps are chilly for you, but nice to snuggle under a fleece throw! Great find with all those DVD's, that movie Flight 93 was playing when we were on a plane home a couple of years ago and DH loved watching it. However I did not want to watch a movie where the plane crashes!!! Even on of the stewardess commented to my DH and said how on earth can you watch that movie while you are on a plane???

@bcgal00 - Sounds like a nice day of just puttering for you! Ugh on the mosquito bites! I never used to be bothered by them, but seems these past couple of years they are liking me more and more. Must be this old blood of mine, its aged like fine wine. LOL. Did you make it into that cute little shop by the vets? Find anything fun that you just had to have??

@Cherylndesigns - I think having a above ground pool would be so nice for you! Especially with the temps you are having! Your MIL does sound like she was a hoot!! My kind of lady!

Ok Heather is calling so I gotta run, but hope to be back soon!!


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
I think I remember someone said she wasn't going to buy any digiscrap stuff in June ... I don't remember who that was???