Daily Ooos: Thursday, June 10


The Loopy-O
Hello, O-Fam! Did anyone get to see the eclipse? Gary asked me if I was up for it and while I was awake at 5 am (Thanks, Dog!), I didn't get out of bed.
It is so nice to wake up, even at 5 am, and have it be light outside. Thank goodness it gives me a lot more energy, I was really busy yesterday and I wasn't falling asleep at the dinner table. One of the things I was working on was prepping for 2021 Theme Nights. 2021! I made the strips of paper with each theme on it and we picked out the first one-- Casino Night. We have Gary's old poker chips and poker table. There is a tiny roulette table that we can play Shot Roulette and Caitlyn told me that there are plenty of Slot Machine apps that we can fool around with. I already found a"recipe" for a cheese ball that is a cube with olive slices to make it look like dice! ha!
So glad we are doing this again.
If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears.

Today is going to be a perfect day to be outside. Sunny and 80's but lower humidity. I will bribe myself to work inside first then I can be free to go out all afternoon.
Wishing everyone a wonderful day


The Loopy-O
@felis Very pretty yarn! What are the rectangle "frames" to be used for?
I think I am going to try to use the YouTube app on my phone so I can listen to the videos while I am working.

@tanteva I did it. I clicked the link and lost about a half-hour looking at yarn. ;)
I have no idea how much it would cost to ship to the US, not that I need any yard but it was nice to look at it all.
Hahaha! At least you are telling people you are 28 and not 82... :D Numbers mean *nothing* to me. Cait and I were trying to math in our heads the other day and OMG it was a mess. 100% Do NOT Recommend.
When will you get the results of the BP test? Hope everything is perfect.

Kay- oh no, that must have been frightening with your BP. I am relieved that you have a sign of sorts to warn you. Good idea to stay in and drink water as much as possible and really smart to wear your mask because of the smoke when you go out. Thanks for the LIsa Jackson rec too! I was going to add her to my Good Reads list but got totally overwhelmed by the number of books she wrote- is there one series/book I should start with?

@felis that is the truth-- dogs are difficult to deal with! Even after three years, J and W will get worked up and nip a bit at each other. I will write things in my planner or have a running list of to-dos and then I ignore it all. I was thinking that I really need to take some pictures of my yard so you all can see what I am always blabbering on about. Today will be a good day to do that.:)

Sending hugs to you @Cherylndesigns Hope you are feeling better and healthier every day

@nancyr I am sure that Luther has not liked all of the thunder this past week. Today should be T-storm free. It didn't storm here until 8 pm last night and they weren't bad like the last few days.
That is so exciting that you have access to your friend's wedding photos! You are going to have a blast! Never apologize for your LOs, they are always incredible to look at!! That is sure "interesting" how the champs want to be in Season 2 of a popular show... go figure *winks*


Morning, all. Managed to run several errands yesterday before it got too hot. Doing a happy dance - I got an 50' expandable hose (much lighter than the old style ones - and it shouldn't kink) plus a multi-style sprayer. Also talked to my neighbor about the drip for the front yard trees... he came right over - looked at it and said that the cap was corroded that was why the water wasn't dripping. Fortunately I had a new mushroom value that was needed and he replaced it for me. We got it set up and it is working. I need to get a couple more plug for the drip-line to shut down the lines that don't go to any plants. Then got the summer schedule for the sprinkler system set up. Beginning to think that most of the 'must do now' yard chores are done!!!
The smoke was really bad yesterday - all day. Isn't quite as bad today so opened the house up to let the cool air in.

Debating about when to get a haircut... the bangs are too long and the back neckline is starting to bother me so guess it is time. Didn't make it to do the last errand yesterday - so may do that today. The hair salon is across the street from where I have to go so will see if the stylist I like is working today.

Chris, any of LIsa Jackson's books would be fine to start with as she doesn't write series. I just read "Unspoken" and liked it. Oh, so glad you are going to do Theme nights again this year. You are off to a great start with Casino Night. LOL over the cheese ball description!

Felis, I still have too many skeins of yarn already so not looking at any sites with yarn right now. Enjoy working those new yarns.

Cheryl, hope you are feeling much better now. So sorry your were so sick.

Time to grab a shower and get busy with some chores. CYL


hOney, i'm hOme
Home from work. Been a great day. Hubby and I worked together alone for the first time (approx. between 4-6 pm) only 2 are left in the building) - and we managed to stay friends. ;):D I was joking that we'll see if we get a divorce after this. Noone believed us. I think we've argued 2-3 times during our 31 years together. LOL

I'm tired and will just wind down with a bit of TV now and will be back tomorrow with some chatter and some scrapping.


Administrator Crazy about the "O"
Morning everyone! Sorry again for being so MIA from here but I have been very busy making lots of T-Shirts LOL. I got a cute one made for my Sister's granddaughter who just turned 25. She is a dinosaur nut and works at a Day Care so her Grandma wanted a cute one that Said "Just a Girl Who Love Dinosaurs" and a sweet little Dino on it. That was fun! Then my other sister ordered 4 T-Shirts for her adopted Granddaughter who is going to be having a sleep over outside with her BFF's so I have been busy working on those. I will post some photos in the next few days. Have been having nice face time sessions with the kids and grandkids, planning our trip out to Ontario and will be there for three weeks. Have booked our flights out for the 10th of July and will fly back with Isaac and Sadie on the 24th or 25th will see which works out better for our son to get us to the airport. I will be making a call today to use my More Rewards for the flight.

@faerywings - sounds like you have been having the same humid weather as our kids out East. I am really hoping that the humidity is not too bad while we are there, but at least we will have a nice pool to cool off in. Love your photos of the toads the other day, they are not my favourite thing to look at, but I know that Mason and Hunter sure love them. Heather is supposed to be getting new windows put in very soon, sure hope it happens soon for her so that the house can be a bit cooler with the better windows in place. Hope that you are able to spend the afternoon outside. I need to be outside today also to get my roses tended to and do some weeding. Will be swimming at 11am, so at least I am getting in some exercise today, I have been a bump on a log lately and not active enough, sitting far too long in a chair and working on T-Shirts LOL.

Well of course in the middle of trying to finish posting this I got a face time call so now it noon and I have been to swimming already. Now I have to call back the airlines because they made an error in the spelling of Isaac's name and god forbid I should have to prove he is who he is at the airport. So I best get to it and get this posted, send positive vibes my way that I don't have to spend too much time on the phone yet again!!


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Good afternoon, ladies. The wk has been flying by. Have had problems with email (for work) and after hrs on the phone and talking back and forth to work, our software guy and shaw cable company we finally got things working again. I missed a lot of work for 4 days so will be busy now for a few days, trying to catch up, maybe have to put in some time over the wkend. But...at least things are working now. During all of the work issues, I still managed to get out with the dogs and keep Remi busy (she really needs the mental and physical activity or she becomes crazy in the evening with too much pent up energy). Today we'll go to the dog park after work.

@faerywings Remi sure seems healthy but we'll get one more set of blood work done soon to make sure there isn't something going on we're not aware of. Energy and eating is really good so I think she is ok.

@taxed4ever sounds like you've been busy with the t-shirts.

I'm getting lunch and then back to work, so not much time to chat today. Hope you are all having a good day.


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Hello all.

I'm happy to say that I'm SO much better! Went to the doctor today and my lungs, etc. are clear. He agreed that I had the good old fashioned flu when I told him my symptoms. I had totally forgotten (or probably didn't know) that they have medication now to ease the flu symptoms. I haven't been sick or had the "flu" for years and we used to just tough it out. He said he hoped I NEVER got it again, but to remember if I ever do get it again. You have to catch it within the first 24 hours though. I told him it hit me in the middle of the night on a Sun.

Today has been my best day since I got this! We went to Walgreen's, while we were out and got some vitamins/supplements that I was running low on. I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to get Chuck to take Zinc and D3 and today the doctor told him he needed to be taking both. LOL That did it - he loves this doctor and he wants to start taking them right away. Imagine that.

It's so hot here, but not raining. I sat on the porch with Adrienne for about 30 minutes this morning before we left. Then we stopped and got Lila on our way home. I took them out and let them play while I sat on the front porch. It's too hot for them to be outside very long in their fur coats.


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good night - it is 11:20 pm and I am watching the hockey game. It makes me nervous even though these are not my teams. It is just back and forth. So I scrap during the game. I got 4 pages done. LOL. Two from the wedding and 2 my son's photos. I am really enjoying this. I got out for a walk with Luther this afternoon. And it was great to have him happy walking again. And now I have a fleece on as it is 64 degree right now. But I am not closing the windows. My DH got up to see eclipse but said it was cloudy. There were a lot on the web and they were gorgeous. I wish we could have seen it. I feel like this year for all the good events we had clouds. I have also not been cooking and luckily my DH has lots of left over food to eat.

@faerywings Chris the weather here is basically perfect. A light breeze and in the upper 60s for a low so that you can use a blanket at night. Glad you got out and did garden. Have fun with your special nights. They seem like such fun.

@BrightEyes Kay congrats on getting the yard work all done. It is so nice to have neighbors who are willing to help. Glad he knew what the problem was. Hope the haircut works out as you do your last errand.

@tanteva Eva my DH and I never worked for the same boss but twice we worked at the same place. We just had lunch together and that was nice. Also we could commute together so we could have dinners together. We do fight though. LOL

@taxed4ever Trudy how fun to make T-shirts. You will have such fun in Ontario with your kids and grandkids. Are you still finding time to swim and hike? Sorry about the Bruins.

@Cherylndesigns Cheryl so glad you are finally feeling better. Everyone who has the flu always says the same thing - they never want to get it again.

Good night!