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Good Monday Morning ladies... I know that I have been absent for many days, but have read that Chris is away, so I thought I would start the Daily Oooos today. I hope that everyone had a great weekend and Happy 4th of July to my USA friends! I bet it was a much different celebration than what you had last year!! It is still sunny and warm here and as @Kythe has said the fires are pretty far from us, but still so devastating for so many!! I sure hope that they can get a handle on the fires that are still burning! No rain in sight though. We are getting excited and counting down the days until we leave for our trip to Ottawa! I can't wait to give everyone a big hug!! Life is strange here now that we are in the next phase of re-opening and are also now fully vaccinated. It is optional to wear a mask in most places and I still do not feel ready to give up my mask, but I suppose that will come. I got all my house work done yesterday, we did the yard work in the morning before it got to hot and then I spent the afternoon cleaning the whole house. Lots of little things to catch up on and I need to get the suitcases out of the crawlspace and start thinking about what to pack. Of course I had to get a few items to give to the grands and I need to get those wrapped too. A couple of cards to complete, one for Hunter's 4th birthday and a get well card for Brother-In-Law Scott, who was taken to the hospital 2 days ago. His stomach is full of Ulcers that have been growing for quite some time. (Of course he never told anyone) MEN!!! The doctor said he could have died. So he had major surgery to get fixed up. Anyway I will be busy with those today. MIL and FIL will be popping in to pick up some wine that we made for them and hopefully I can get to one of the clothing stores to find a little summer dress or outfit to wear on the plane. I hope that you all have a wonderful Monday and I will try to pop in again tomorrow.


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Question of the day: how many times do you have to scratch yourself around the eyes after cutting chili before you learn to wash your hands IMMEDIATELY after touching a chili? Obviously asking for a friend. :D


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Hello girls!
Grrr, I'm so annoyed today! At Craftsy have promo offer full year of membership for new members for only $3, I saw it at IG and really want it, as I need to improve my sewing skills and this is just so crazy offer! But my credit card continued to be rejected and I have no idea is it because have to convert to dollars or I'm on minus again. Of course my bank told me that they gives this info only in personal. Grrr! I remember before I'm having issues by using different currency with it, so it's most likely to be that, and they can fix it in minute, but NO! Why is everything so complicated.
Other course I got subscribed and I'm so excited is ''Crochet academy''. It's totally free and you can check it on this link, although I know you are skillful in crocheting. But I think it will be so much fun and beneficial for me.
July will be my educational month!

Trudy, this morning my mom was hear about the extreme temperatures at Canada and we are worried about you. Stay hydrated! And I hope to have a wonderful summer! Hope your BIL will be well soon! I'm sure you will be ready on time with the whole packaging and gifts!

Eva, be careful as my cousin lost her ability to see after accident with chili pepper! Hope that parents will find its little bird! It sounds as a typical situation for learning to fly, but birds not at my resource, maybe Jean or Nancy will give more info!

Wave to all! :cool::cool:


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Good morning ladies. Hope that Chris is off having fun. I'm busy selling camera and scrap supplies. I decided to move over fully to small mirrorless cameras since I love my Nikon P950, so yesterday ordered a sony rx10 IV so am excited to get that in a day or two. Sold 2 fuji cameras yesterday and now have moved onto the nikon stuff.

Remi is recovering nicely from her surgery on Friday (spaying) and isn't even fussing with the big bandage over her belly. I can't get her out walking for another couple of days but we've been out in the backyard a lot, just gently playing and rolling the ball or swinging the flirt pole around for her to grab.

Life is busy but settled right now so that is good.

@taxed4ever You must be getting so excited about the upcoming trip! I know what you mean about masks or no masks. I am still wearing mine when out and keep clear of those that don't have one on. It'll take awhile before I'm comfortable about that and I want to see how this next stage affects the numbers.

I'm getting another coffee and then off to watch youtube vids about vegan meal planning. Have a great day everyone.


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
I'm working all day tomorrow, so I probably won't show up at all. Working both Tuesday & Thursday this week.

Folke's parents has been here all day, watching over him. He's just strutting around on the lawn, and takes cover on our back porch from time to time. I just hope he learns to fly properly quick. Even though our cats aren't allowed to go out, there are other cats around.


Trudy, so glad you started the thread. Glad to get caught up on what is happening with you. Know you are excited to be going to see family. Things are slowly getting back to normal here. I am still wearing my mask when I am out in crowds.

We are back up to our seasonal 'normal' of mid-to-high 90's. The saving grace is that the monsoon rains are making an early appearance. Suppose to have rain showers off and on all this week.

There has been fireworks displays the past 2 nights and expect to have more tonight. So tired of hearing the bangs and booms going off until after midnight.

Thought I had inventoried all the VHS tapes only to discover that there was a bunch more in hubby's office. I got them inventoried and put back where they were. I found them in the TV cabinet when I was moving things around in the office to get space for the ceiling fan installers to work tomorrow afternoon. They will also be installing a ceiling fan in my craft room. DD#3 was over for a short visit yesterday afternoon and I was telling her about a silver ring laying on top of the ceiling fan housing in the master bedroom. I didn't know where it came from. She pointed out that it was a ring that covered up the attachment parts right at the ceiling... looked at the same fan in the family room and saw she was right. The bad part was the ring was moving around and almost fell onto fan blades. I had managed to use a ladder (only climbing up 2 steps on it) and my reacher to push it back toward the center of the housing. Glad the rod from the ceiling brought the housing down to about 9' off the floor so I didn't have to climb very far. Will ask the installers if they can put the ring back in place. If not, DD said one of the grandsons could bring a tall ladder over and fix it for me later on. The ceiling in the master bedroom is about 14' so have to have a really tall ladder to reach it. I know better than to try to do it as heights/ladders and I don't do well together!

This afternoon is the family chat... not sure who will be able to make it since it is still a holiday in the US.