Daily Ooo's: Monday, April 11


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Chris?! Oh Chris, come out, come out, where ever you are ;) Wow, surprised that I'm the first one here today since it's almost lunchtime! Had an off-site meeting this morning so now I'm back at the office. Oh, hang on, Chris is this the day you get your line taken out??? :bliss:

Managed to find a little me time over the weekend for scrapping, which was nice (caught up on some O challenges :) ) and watched the Masters golf tournament. Pity about Jordan Spieth, but he's got a good team behind him - he'll bounce back.

Pssst, Nancy - Go Redwings!!!


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Good morning, ladies. I'm popping in for a hello before the work starts piling in. The wkend flew by. I was dogsitting (Beckam) so that kept me busy but it was nice to get outdoors a lot in the sunshine and warmth. Today it is raining and 15 degrees cooler. I'm happy to stay indoors today. My hubs is home today. He is taking Mondays off this month b/c he gets 6 wks vacation time and since I'm not taking any holidays this year b/c of my self-employed status (so not getting paid holidays anymore) he wants to use up some of his time b/c he's not going to want to spend 6 wks at the trailer without me. He'll probably spend a week or two out there later in the summer which is fine with me. It gives me a mini holiday too b/c then I don't have to cook meals for him and I have more time to do "me stuff" while he's gone (mostly scrapping of course). I'm typing for 2 doctors today so it'll be a busy day but should get a few breaks here and there.

Kat - Chris got her line out last week but she went away this wkend so maybe she's tired out and sleeping in or having internet problems or something. It's weird isn't it when you don't see her daily post?

I'm not expecting to get much scrapping done over the next 3 days b/c of my increased workload but if not, at least I get to chat a bit and enjoy the gallery.

BTW....I made five salads in a jar for lunches this week. I cooked the beef (to make taco salads) while making dinner and chopped up my veggies and assembled them in the jars while waiting for my pork chops on the grill to cook. It created more mess to clean up afterwards but doing it along with dinner prep seemed to make it take less time. Anyway....I'm happy they are assembled and in the fridge. All I have to do is dump one into a bowl, put my dressing on and lunch is ready.

Back to work I go.....have a wonderful day everyone!


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So quiet today, just have to say, "Hi."

Glad to say our snow is gone, now just rain! Hope you're all getting something good happening today.


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Hey ladies... well lots of weird things happening with my computer this morning so it took a long time to even get onto the internet today, not sure if it was something that was going on with shaw internet provider or what the heck was happening. Anyway finally got connected and DD and Mason skyped had a nice talk with them and now I need to get ready to go and meet my sisters at 11:30 they are taking me out for lunch today for my birthday as it is the only day that all three of us can be together. We are going to Merridale Cider works they have a great little bistro and bar there and it is out in the country side , it should be so pretty right now with the apple trees in bloom. I will take some pics.

Kat - Yes, Chris is absent and I think might still be at her parents today, either that or she is having internet troubles also, like Rae has mentioned. Glad to hear that you got to spend some nice time scrapping, I need to catch up on some more challenges here also!

Rae - What a difference in the weather :mmph: I was so enjoying the nice sun and warmer temps!! Hopefully this little break in the weather will not last for too many days! Sounds like you have had a busy few days so it will be nice for you to have a bit more time to do other things after the work is finished!! Hope you have a nice day with your hubby at home with you!

Jean - Hi there its been a while since we have seen you here! Nice to know that your snow is finally gone, hopefully the sun will come out and warm you all up!! Hope you get to enjoy your day doing something that you love!

Ok I gotta get going and hit the shower and figure out what to wear, I know that it won't be shorts today thats for sure!! Have a wonderful Monday everyone :wave: