Daily Ooo's: Friday, March 25


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Ssssh, everyone else is sleeping ;) Let me see ... unless Chris is up at 3 a.m., I think I've beaten her to the punch today ... since it's the middle of the afternoon on Friday in Australia! It's like talking from the future, since I'm 10-15 hours ahead of most of the US right now :loco:

Stan and I are just chillin' in the hotel room this afternoon, watching some Australian Rugby League - and I think Stan's learning a lot. Not sure if we want to confuse him with a game of Australian Rules Football later on ;) He tried to watch some of the cricket (international 20's game going on in India right now), but didn't really 'get it' and left the room. It's quite the sports cultural experience for him ... just home for me. :)

We get our return flight tomorrow ... seems like three weeks and flown past. *sigh* but I'm ready to head back and get back to "normal" (although vacation time as normal is something I could get used to ;) LOL).

Hope everyone is well - missed our daily chats!


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Hi Kat! I was actually up at 3 am but stayed in bed trying to get some more sleep. I didn't have to be up for school today since it is closed for Good Friday. But the inverse application follows that the later I can get up, means the earlier I actually am up.
I hope that my Friday after noon is as nice as yours was :)

Three weeks has gone quickly and I bet you will be sad to leave home. But just think of how happy Haddie is going to be to see you! That always is something good to focus on.

My old Puppy is not doing so well. :( I let the dogs out after I got back from the bus stop and Ray seemed fine but I wasn't paying all that much attention. She was lying in the hallway a little later and I asked her why she looked so sad, but then, Ray *always* looks a bit sad. I let them out again and Ray didn't want to walk, she was all hunched and tail tucked. I waited very impatiently for 8.30 to come around to call for an appt. My poor girl has some sort of neck injury- guessing that at some point, J rough housed too much?
They gave her a shot of doggie morphine, and sent us home with more pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills. And strict instructions of keeping the dogs separated for 14 days. :faint:
We put her in the bedroom with a baby gate up, and she laid in the doorway looking out at us. Luckily, my office is right there next to the BR (it used to be a nursery) so i can see her while I am at the computer. She slept almost all day yesterday as it was. The kids and I took Jaida to the dog park to let Ravyn have some time out of the BR and to go outside too. When we got J's harness on, Ray stood up at the baby gate and whined. We felt so bad.
Dinner time came and I brought her food into the bedroom and she didn't want to eat. But I couldn't give her the next doses of her meds until she had food in her stomach. So what does a mama do? I spoon fed her. She loves peanut butter so I started giving a bit of that to her. Then Alpo, then Alpo mixed with some kibble. She ate enough to give her her pills, and then we let her out of the BR while we watched TV. Jaida jumps up next to Gary on the sofa and Ray will lay on the floor or on the sofa if there is room. She knew to stay on the floor and conked back out again.

Wanna hear something crazy, but you probably have seen it yourselves? I swear that Jaida knows that something is not right with Ravyn. before we took her to the vet, J slept right next to her on the floor. After dinner, same thing-- she was so calm around her and seemed to want to snuggle instead of play.

Today I am off to see BFF for coffee and a long catch up. If I have time, I also want to hit the Dollar Store on the way down. I need envelopes and something else that I can't remember ATM. (story of my life!)

Hugs and happy Friday to all of you!


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Nancy- it was so much warmer on Wed with no sunshine than it was up here with the sun. It was chilly in the wind. But that meant there were any other dogs at the park for J to run with :( Looks dreary up here right now, how about by you?
How was your day yesterday? What perfect days, Luther, walking, girlfriend, scrapping and hockey!
The Live Photos sound so cool, they are saved as a jpg? Or different ext?

Ewwwww about the mouse! Harley rolled on a dead mouse once- yes, on purpose- and it stunk to high heaven! Dogs can be so smart and so stupid at the same time :D

Trudy- what a neat place to have lunch and I love the ghost stories. 3 1/2 hour lunch too! You must have been chatting away!
I knew that you would understand about the different emotions i was feeling. There have been a lot of times I have felt the same, although my kids and Gary aren't as sick as Heather was. I don't think you ever get over it, I am working toward understanding and accepting that life is just always going to be what it is. As you see from my posts, some days I feel "I got this" Others I am :yell:
I don't understand how anyone can like raisins, they are so gross. ha!!!
How is the hutch coming along? You have been working like a madwoman. You are so sweet to make your brother a turkey, and even better that you have one in the freezer.

Rae- Beckham is gor-jus!!!!! Look at that coat of his. Bet the house will see quiet without him. You are such a freaking amazing photographer.
Hope that your day was easy for you so you could enjoy some quiet time.

Hugs to all!


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good morning! wow my Devils defeated the Penguins last night 3-0. Scott Wedgewood got his first shutout and he is the first Devils goalie since Martin Broduer to win his first games as a Devil. Pretty cool! Now tonight they play the Washington Capitals and they are the best in the East. It was also cool as another of the Albany Devils got his first NHL game and he looked really good. The Pens had won 6 straight and I think they probably just thought they could over look my Devils but my Devils may not be the most talented but they come to play every night. My DH took Luther for a walk this am and they ran into 5 deer. Well Luther thought this was pretty cool and spent the next 45 mins following their trail as they were gone in a flash. Then I took him for his second walk and we met Hazel and Loki so he was still full of energy when we got back and so we played keep away in the back yard. He gets the ball and I chase him. He is so fast. So finally now he is zonked out. How funny!

Chris have a great time with your BFF. It is so fun catching up! The weather was breezy and sunny and had to wear a light jacket but once walking it was fine. So sorry that you doggie is not going well. I know my DH and I can't do all that we used to do or if we try we pay for it the next days. So not surprised that dogs do the same. It will be hard I bet to keep them apart for 14 days.

Kat! nice to hear from the future! Have a safe trip back to the US.

Trudy wow that is so interesting about the Inn and ghost. I was really hoping you would experience something. I bet you yard will look awesome after this weekend.

Rae Beckham is gorgeous! love the photo!

Have a great day all!


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Morning ladies! It is looking like it will be a gorgeous day! We are heading out soon to pick up our first load of mulch. DH is cooking some bacon on the BBQ for breakfast and I have already baked some banana muffins the house smells heavenly!! Well I am finally finished the dining room set, still no chairs yet, but they will come when we finally decide which ones we like the best. I will post pics here later on today. I still have to put everything back into it and so will have to decide what I want in it and what goes into the crawl space. So much junk!!

Kat - Hard to believe that three weeks has gone by already!! I have tried to watch cricket before also and do not understand the game! Hope your trip home is good and without any hassles!!

Chris - Ohhh poor Ray!!! Give her lots of gentle hugs from me! It will be difficult to keep them apart for so long, but sounds like Jaida knows that something is not right and hopefully won't try to be too rough on the old gal! Have a wonderful time with your BFF today! It will be so nice for you to catch up with her! Ha, Ha, my hubby feels the same way about raisins, I love them, but its funny he likes raisin pie, but won't eat raisins any other way? :loco:

Nancy - I was really hoping we would see or feel something at the Inn also! I kept looking around on the staircase and upstairs to see if I could spot Mrs. Adams, but darn it never happened :becky: Glad your Devils won their game!! Yes they come to play each night, wish the Bruins would do the same!!

Rae - That really is a beautiful photo of Beckham!! You really know your stuff!! I wish I was better with my camera! I have a lovely Canon Rebel Xti but wish I was better with it! Hope the sun is shining down on you also this morning and that you can walk the dogs without getting all soaked today!

Well better get the eggs going, or DH will be done cooking the Bacon and I won't even be started. It will be a hard working day today and I am sure I will be stiff and sore tomorrow, but the yard will look so much better for it! Have a wonderful Good Friday everyone!! :wave:


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Good morning, ladies. Seemed strange last night to have Beckam gone. He gave me lots of kisses before he left and we'll get him a few weekends over the summer. Taz and Ava had a blast playing last night. They are going to miss each other (4 day break now) so I'll have to get Taz out for some play time in the field and maybe down at the water to work off some energy. Managed to get one challenge page done last night and will get another one done today. I miss Beckam but it felt good to get my laptop out last night and get some scrapping done. I need to work on my menu and grocery list for the weekend. I'm baking a ham on Sunday and know I'll be making scalloped potatoes and at least one veggie dish. Tonight we'll have a big salad and chicken for dinner as last night was take-out and I need to balance out the calories/carbs. So low carb today and tomorrow. Then Sunday I will eat whatever I want. It sucks having a slow metabolism (mostly from thyroid and menopause) and really having to watch carbs. My back is a bit sore today so will try to clean up the garden in spurts over the weekend. We should have 2 days of sunshine so need to take advantage of it and get out there for cleanup.

Chris - Sorry to hear of Ray's injury. Poor doggie, hope the pain isn't too bad and heals quickly. I always worry about Taz with big dogs b/c of his skinny legs and body, they could just snap his bones in an instant with their roughhousing but luckily he is super fast and seems to be able to jump and twist so quickly to get out of the way.

Kat - nice to hear from you. Hope you had a great birthday and I bet it'll be nice to snuggle in with Haddie after three weeks away. I bet your holiday was heavenly but it's always nice to get home and back to a regular routine.

Nancy - how awesome about coming across the deer. I can imagine Luther's curiosity. When Taz came across 2 last summer he didn't know what to make of them, he froze and just barked at them. They looked at him and then carried on with their rummaging around as if he wasn't there. Obviously they didn't consider him a threat LOL.

Trudy - can't wait to see the pics of the furniture. You should do a page about you lunch and the ghost story.

Off to shower and get my day going. I can do laundry today as my hubs fixed the dryer last night (it broke down mid week and needed a new heat element and a few other things). Love that he can fix stuff. I'm clueless about repairs of any sort. Looking forward to getting my challenge stuff completed today and getting caught on CT duties. Sure didn't get much done during the week with Beckam (but it was so worth it).

Have a wonderful day, everyone.


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It's cold here today. Bummed about that because I was planning to finish painting a dresser in the garage to sell. I've only gotten one Shipt shop today. Really feeling like curling up with a book and a cup of coffee. Anxiously awaiting the next Anna color challenge!


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Ok ladies I finally found a spare moment to upload these before and afters... I am very happy with how it all turned out!!