Daily Ooos: Friday, January 14


The Loopy-O
HellOOOO dear O-Fam!! It's Friday!

Yup, I am trying to gin up some excitement for the day. This time of year turns me into even more of a hermit than usual. I don't even want to stick my head outside. So everything is dull and boring and yup. Same old, same old. My big project right now is untangling a huge ball of yarn. The only thing that is keeping me occupied is that I am almost done with Book 8 of Outlander. ("Almost done" means that I have about 5 more hours left ROTFLMAO!) Once I am done with it, then I can start Book 9. I am so glad that I am re-listening to #8 I would never remember all of the details and then I would get distracted trying to sift through information in my brain. It is similar to when I am watching a TV show and I recognize an actor and then spend the entire time trying to remember where I know the actor from. ;)

I started working on the card for my mom yesterday, I downloaded and screenshotted all of the flowers (TY again!! <3 ) and am making a collage with them. I have no idea when when I will get to see my parents again. Cases in NJ are starting to come back down but 20,000 new cases a day is still incredibly high.

and that is it- see what I mean?
I am boring LOL

Heck, I will always take boring over the "excitement" of The Incident and its aftermath any day-- so Universe, I am *not* complaining.
Although I guess I am.
But it is a "content with the status quo complaint. "

Have fun today!


The Loopy-O
@LSlycord I am so excited for you on getting the tablet! Now, all we have to do is convince @Vicki Robinson to write a tutorial. :) (No pressure Vicki, I promise!)
How did the interview go yesterday? Good luck with both of them calling you back
That is impressive - commenting on all of the challenge LOs. I end up feeling like I am saying the same thing over and over and get bored with myself. Any tips on how to change it up?

@Cherylndesigns How are you feeling this morning? I really hope you are all better by now. How crazy that it hit you that hard and fast.
ITA with Linda-- your siggie is beautiful (adds that "chore" to my to-do list)

@BrightEyes Still have lots and lots of good thoughts for you and your DD, glad you are able to rest xo

@taxed4ever woot on the scrapping, is it the ice rink? I saw that on FB and I love it!
Gah!! A puppy!!!! That is so exciting, the boys are going to be thrilled!!!! 24 hours to keep your lips zipped. You can do it. *cheers* (better you than me. I couldn't keep that a secret, not even a little bit)
Caitlyn is plugging along with the Cricut, she made me a plaque with a bee on it and she did a few t-shirts with Tom's band logo. She is happy that she got some money for Xmas too, she spent a bunch at Micahels.com on tools and stuff.
(Caitlyn was so mad, MIL gave LL a GC to Joann, and of course, when she ran out of my house, she kept that. And the bottle of vanilla vodka. :mad: ).
*gets self back on track here*

Anyway-- how lovely to get your hair done too. It has to feel great to have it all nice and fresh!

@bcgal00 How did the meeting with Jen go? I cannot even imagine the time it takes for Jen to advocate, as well as the mental strain on her. The casino winnings must be such a relief, just to even have a tiny cushion there. I wish she had much more.
hahahaha!! I should not laugh but I can see Remi bonking Taz on the head with the toy and him looking at her in disgust. ;) J has a brick of a head and W is oblivious to everything when she is playing.

@mom2triplets04 whew- so happythat Myal is feelingbetter. I was worried about J after I posted here, her stomach grumbles really loud occasionally and she throws up often enough so when those started in the morning, I thought I was going to be making a call to the vet too. Glad that she made it to puppy camp, she must love it
Toes, what are toes? I don't see my toes until April at the earliest. LOL What color did you get done?

@tjscraps That would be *wonderful* if DH gets released!! Is he able to keep down solid food now? I am thinking good thoughts to him. Is MIL going to stick around a while in case you need her some more? I bet your kids are happy to see her too

Cheryl-- xoxoxo I hope that you are all better now


Good morning. I received my new Wacom at 9:30 last night. Considering that I ordered it at about 7:30 yesterday morning, I am IMPRESSED. When I stop and think about it, the world is amazing! There is so much that is good...I way too often focus on the bad and there is plenty of that. But there is lots of good and I'm going to try to re-shape my thinking to focus on that.

Didn't get a second interview from the Wednesday interview. But I did do an interview yesterday and I have one scheduled with another company next week. I have moved back to my office for computer work and that makes Andie (our newfypoo) so happy as she loves to be under my desk while I work. Her favorite time is when I tell her "Let's go to the office" and she has missed it so much. So I made someone happy. :)

Off to play with the Wacom for awhile. Be back soon.


Administrator Crazy about the "O"
Happy Friday everyone! It is foggy and dark out there, but at least for right now its not raining! I had a great couple of hours with my hairdresser yesterday, she is always so chatty. My hair feels so much better, nice to get rid of the grey and have it all trimmed up. One of these days I will get the courage to change the style, but for now I am happy with it. I got a card made for my grand niece and now I just have to get it in an envelope and mail it her. I would like to just be able to drop it off to her, but my sister is still not feeling well and I don't dare go there right now :(. Today I am meeting my SIL Linda for lunch in Chemainus. Such a cute little town with lots of great shops and restaurants, hopefully the one we have chosen to go to is still open. I really need to get my grocery order in today too, but I bet I won't be able to pick it up until tomorrow. Not much else happening around here, life is pretty boring without the grands around and no other projects on the go. Sure hope to get some more scrapping and commenting done over the weekend!

@faerywings - I totally agree that boring everyday life is much better than what you all went through with the "Incident"!! That's too bad that she got away with those goodies too! Caitlyn could have used that GC from Joann's and the Vodka too LOL. Oh well sounds like Caitlyn is having fun with her new Cricut and its nice that others are benefitting from it too! Oh and here is a couple of photos to put a smile on your face today. New puppy for Mason and Hunter, they are going to be over the moon happy!

@LSlycord - Have fun playing with your Wacom tablet today! I agree that having a tutorial from @Vicki Robinson would be great!! Sorry Vicky I know you are probably super busy with other things LOL. That is impressive that you got your tablet delivered so quickly!! Nice that you are trying to have a better outlook on life, that is one of my goals for this New Year also. There really are some wonderful things in this world and we too often only hear about the bad! Good luck with your other interviews, hopefully one of them will lead you to that new job!

Ok better get in the shower and get ready to go. Hope I can find something that I can eat at this Vietnamese Restaurant, not sure if there will be anything Keto friendly. Oh well it is what it is. I will have a good visit with SIL! Enjoy the day everyone!


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Good morning ladies. D went out for breakfast with his buddies and the house is quiet. I am getting used to the noise he makes by being home every day now (tv on, videos playing on his ipad) but I do like the quiet so enjoy these rare moments now when he's out. But the retirement adjustment is going well. He is more relaxed, is puttering around more, is running errands. I am liking this! Yesterday morning he took my car in for an oil change and got them to clean out some filter that effects the defrost. It works great now.

J came over last night to discuss the zoom mtg with the TBI team. They recognize the severity of her deterioration and said they will get her into the unit this week (fingers crossed b/c with limited beds there she can get bumped again). They are concerned about seizures so she's also be leaving the units 3 days to another hospital for scans and tests. I'm going over on Sunday with the dogs to hang out with her but won't take her out b/c her behavior is unstable right now. I don't want to overwhelm her or stress her out with people/noise. A walk with the dogs will be good for her.

Today is desk work, CT stuff, dog park later this afternoon and leftover pizza for dinner. I'm going to find an easy weight lifting routine to get started on this wkend. I think I'm ready to get at it. I'll also spend some time sorting and purging through shelves in the basement. Most things in there haven't been used in years so I think most of it will go to charity or the dump. My plan is to get all the shelves cleaned out and then we can start packing up things to keep that we don't need to use right now, and store them on those shelves, out of the way, but labeled in case we want to to into them.

@faerywings Can't wait to see the card for your mom when it's done.

@LSlycord Enjoy the wacom. My dogs love when I go in my office too. They have their spots they like (one is tucked into a corner beside the fax desk and the other is under my desk.

@taxed4ever Probably smart to not see your sister yet, to be careful. Enjoy the lunch with your SIL. Hope you find something good on the menu.

I'm getting started on work now. Have a good day everyone.


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Another day dawns.. repeat of yesterday and the day before. haha
Does anyone have a non-spicy chicken recipe that they like? Hubby is trying a diet for IBS which leave my options pretty low. Cooking is not my favourite pastime.

@faerywings Those puppies are adorable! I'm with you on the hermit issue. I am so boring.

@LSlycord I have had a Watcom for years. Never have used it much. the pen keeps sliding on the pad. Probably because my arthritis doesn't allow me to hold the pen tightly enough. I can't curl my fingers tight enough.

@taxed4ever The rain has stopped here for a bit as well. The fiber optic team is installing new lines to the cul-de-sac. Now all we have to do is get council to agree to putting it in the complex. I am not holding my breath on that one.
The new Pattullo bridge work is pounding away drilling the support beams into the riverbed. We can hear it from 6:30-past 7:00pm. At least we are not right next to it.


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Well, I dropped off Myla at puppy camp again. I can breathe! I am actually in my office after like 4 or 5 months being stuck in my kitchen. It feels good to be free for a little bit. I have to pick her up at 3 as that's when it closes.

@faerywings my toes are purple which matches my nails but it's a regular dark purple kind of black really but it's purple. My fingers are gel and my toes are regular polish so it was hard to match the colors. I try to get my hands done every other week now.

@taxed4ever Your puppies are cute. Did you get both? What breed? My puppy is a husky. Got her on father's day. She will be one in April. But boy did she grow fast. She was 18 pounds when I got her in JUne. Now she's 61 pounds and vet said she could go to 80 pounds YIKES! My husband picked her out. My other dog Daisy is a shih tzu she's 10 years old and is deathly afraid of Myla our puppy. So we keep them apart. Daisy is only 13 pounds.


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Hellooooooo!! I'm happy to report that I'm feeling fairly normal - whew I totally feel like I dodged a huge bullet!!! I was telling Adrienne and no matter what we get now, we think it's "IT"!! All of this panic starts running through your mind - it's terrible and I believe it is so fueled by fear. I realized that when I was so sick - I was terrified for about 6 hours.

I'm still not back full speed, but I'm so much better!!

Trudy, the new puppy is SO cute - aren't they all, though????? Just shoot me if I ever have to house train one again though. ROTFLMAO SERIOUSLY. Daisy was about 9 months old when we got her - crate trained, too. Extra bonus. Before that, we went to the shelter and adopted a grown up. I haven't had to house train a puppy for many years and I know I don't have the patience anymore. I used to look at them and say "It's a good thing you're cute."

Well, I started this awhile ago and I'm back. LOL Adrienne came to visit and we turned on the fireplace and just chatted.

Laura @mom2triplets04 your dark purple toes sound pretty but I always do very light.

Linda @LSlycord congrats on the new Wacom. You'll have so much fun with that. I was on a mission to learn scrap on my iPad, bought the program and stylus and never went any further. I'm sure you will do it though.

Chris @faerywings you're anything but boring. LMAO Just look around - NO, definitely not boring.

Love to all and hugs.


@faerywings I know what you mean about commenting on layouts and feeling like I repeat myself a lot. What helps me is when I really study the layouts to try to figure out how it was created. That takes more time on my comments but I am hoping it will also improve my scrapping.

@taxed4ever it does always feel so good to get your hair done. I always wonder how it gets so long between times. And what an adorable puppy. The boys are going to be so excited! I bet you can’t wait for that first call with them once they have the puppy.

@bcgal00 funny about the dogs loving the office. Maybe because they can get some rest because we stay in one place? Good to hear that things are moving with B but not good that it is because of the progression.

@Kythe i had a Wacom years ago but got frustrated. I’m hoping that either I have more patience this time (not likely) or more stubbornness (quite possible).

@mom2triplets04 glad that you have Myla back in puppy camp. That will make things so much better.

@Cherylndesigns glad that it was a short-lived bug and you are feeling better. I agree, I hate that each time we feel a little off we worry about COVID.