August 2021 - Standing O's


I love the O!

Have you seen a layout in the gallery that makes you go "wow!" ... if so, we want to know about it.​

Share it with us here and link us up so we can all say "wow!" together!!!

It's not just the CheeryO's that can showcase pages here ... anyone can post!

So if you see something you think is worth sharing, please show us!!!



all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
I'm absolutely amazed by this fantastic page by @AnikA68 Note that this is not a digital page, but a hybrid one. I absolutely lack the patience to make anything like this. Just look at the depth she managed to get in her clustering. So well done!



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Can not even begin to imagine the amount of work this gorgeous page by Pam P. took! Outstanding!


pam p

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Wow what a compliment and no it was not hard at all...just used a photo app and aA product, and the usual blending and color changes.Thanks a bunch.


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Look at this magic created by @zwyck - Just looking at the photo, it deserves a GSO, but then she even created more magic with the fantastic blendings of elements. Awesome!