April 2022 - Standing O's

Betty Jo

♥ Lovin' the O ♥
I adore this page by Marleen. I love the vibrant color of her subject and the expert use of negative space. ♥


Betty Jo

♥ Lovin' the O ♥
What an honor! Thank you so much. But most of the credit goes to Vicki Robinson, as that cluster is mostly her work!
I understand, but you put it on the card. A big Standing O for @Vicki Robinson too! She knows how much I love her designs. I was just out buying some birthday cards and while in the store I was thinking, "I wish I could find one like SharLamb's!" ♥


aA Creative Team Member
Love the photo effect and the colors and element placement all work together to make this an outstanding page!



So Happy To Be A Cheery O
Check Out!!! this Jaw-droppingly!!! Gorgeous!!! & Simply STUNNING!!!!!!!...layout by @Hamer Lodge ...WOW!...Standing O!!! today...all day...every day... o_O...