2022-02 Vicki Robinson Feb 2022 Challenge *** Winner Announced **

Vicki Robinson

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Lots of great pages for my February Challenge! Thanks so much to everyone who participated — and I hope to see you again for the March challenge, which is here! Don't forget to update my challenge tracking thread, with layout link to qualify for the $20.00 coupon at the end of the year! You can find the challenge tracking thread here.

Please help me congratulate, Jean aka @scrap-genie - who won this month's $5.00 coupon challenge drawing! Jean, check your PM's (conversations) for your coupon code.

Here's Jean's VERY creative page - if you haven't already done so, please click on the image to leave her some love in the gallery!


If this is your first time joining me for a challenge — welcome! I'm so happy you're here! If you've joined my challenges in the past, welcome back! This month's challenge runs through February 28th.

It's hard for me to believe, but in two weeks, I'll turn 67. While I realize that 60 is the new 40 (;)), it does shock the mind to be so close to 70! Definitely, the body parts don't behave the way they used to — and when I first noticed that "crepe" look on my forearm, I nearly passed out! Lol! And Sigh. On the upside though, I do find that I am less and less concerned about (so many) things that used to bother me. So that's what my page is about. The journaling reads:

As I near my 67th birthday. I’ve started to reflect on what is important to me and what, in the grand scheme of things REALLY matters. Does the shape and size of my body REALLY matter? Do my incredibly thick glasses REALLY matter? Does my flat, fine hair REALLY matter? Does it REALLY matter what others think? How much precious time have I wasted agonizing over things that don’t REALLY matter? Am I a good person? Do I try my best? Do I support my family and friends? Do I help others whenever possible? Do I live the values that are important to me? In the end, THOSE things matter.

My page uses my PS I Love You, which is my featured collection for February (the full collection is 55% off and individual packs are 30% off) It also uses one of the "story-starter" prompts from this month's challenge freebie.

I also used some of my mark-making brushes (they are in white on the page) — they are a great way to add texture and interest to your page, especially if you want to achieve a more art journaling or mixed media look.

I've put together a special Sampler Set 02 of 9 brushes — exclusively for you — for only $2.99 during this Challenge period. The Sampler Set is taken from four of my brush sets which are on sale for 40% off during February 2022 — so if you like the samples, you may want to grab the full sets (they are linked in the Sampler product description). BUT this Sampler Set 02 is not visible in my shop until next month and this $2.99 price is just for you during February.

Challenge Rules​

Eligible participants will be entered into a drawing for a $5.00 coupon to my shop — AND new this year — if you complete all of my challenges this year, you will be eligible for a drawing for a $20 coupon to my shop. The winner will be notified by a private message (conversation) here in the Oscraps forum — the week after the challenge ends. Entries may be featured on the Oscraps blog, my website, in my newsletter, or other social media.

To be eligible for the $5.00 coupon drawing:
  • Create a page using one of this month’s free challenge prompts, which will earn you one entry into the coupon drawing. There are two prompts provided in three styles — use one or both.​
  • All products used on your page must be by Vicki Robinson Designs. You will earn one extra entry into the coupon drawing if you use the PS I Love You collection. In other words, to get two entries into the drawing: use one of the prompts, and part of the PS I Love You Collection (freebies don't count).​
  • To get an extra entry into the drawing, use one or more brushes from the Sampler Set 2.
  • Upload your page to the Vicki Robinson Designs Gallery, be sure to list all of the products you used in the credits area, and then come back here to link us up to your layout. Instructions are below.​
To be eligible for the $20.00 coupon drawing after the year's challenges are completed, you'll need to track your challenge entries in this thread.

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I can't wait to see what you come up with for my challenge!


Adding a linked layout from the Gallery to a thread:
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So Happy To Be A Cheery O
Wonderful! Layouts For Your Challenge @Vicki Robinson !...I'll Be Back With One Using Your Featured Collection & Your Challenge Prompts Soon!...Happy Birthday To You!!!... :) ;)...


So Happy To Be A Cheery O
Hey There Vicki...I don't know what it is lately but I'm doing these more personal art journaling pages...I hardly ever scrap about myself [as in my own personal feelings]...or use pictures of myself either...although most of my pages are about feelings of some sort...I guess I'm all about expressing feelings lately...I was inspired by some of the more personal pages here too...I've been going through a lot too...& this photo...I'm not a happy smiley person...This was me about a year ago...trying to take selfies with a very old camera...I couldn't help it but laugh at how super close the pics turned out...this one has had a lot of work done to it...I don't look like this anymore either...I haven't colored my hair for almost 8 months now...I strongly dislike the icky! brown & grey mix hair I now have...My hair is different too...It has health issues too...but I really like this pic of me...Happier times for me...

*IE : This page is very personal : I shed a few tears after completed...No more words needed here to explain...I think the words will tell the story...Thanks in advance anyone who chooses to read/and/or comment...

Thanks Rhonda

My : IE : Personal : Hopeful Layout

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Vicki Robinson

Designer + Brush Queen
I don’t quite know what to say, Rhonda. Maybe I’ll just say thank you for bring brave enough to write these words. And thank you for trusting us with this extremely personal page. And thank you for using art as an outlet for your pain. The art can’t make anything better, but perhaps it can, at least a tiny bit, lessen the negative energy unspoken words hold. It takes courage to reveal yourself this way, and I’m honored you chose this challenge as your instrument. I hope with the tears, you felt even the slightest release. If I could reach through this iPad, I’d give you the biggest, most gentle hug so that you know for sure their are others in this world that feel you. Keeping you in my heart, girl.