1. listen to your heart

    listen to your heart

  2. Friends what could be better?

    Friends what could be better?

  3. oh what a day

    oh what a day

  4. be brave and dance

    be brave and dance

  5. it take time

    it take time

  6. art heals

    art heals

  7. starring-me-Diane-page1-600.jpg


    Shining Bright
  8. choose to shine

    choose to shine

  9. 15th Birthday Age is Just a Number Challenge

    15th Birthday Age is Just a Number Challenge

    The first two photos are of me (2+ and 10+). The other photo is of me, my mom, and my sister (left to right). I thought the quote by Katrina Mayer was perfect for this challenge.
  10. Merci Beaucoup!

    Merci Beaucoup!

  11. own your dreams

    own your dreams

  12. its okay

    its okay

  13. Joy Delivered

    Joy Delivered

  14. create layered emotion

    create layered emotion

  15. Joy Delivered

    Joy Delivered

  16. music soothes the soul

    music soothes the soul

  17. VRFEBchallenge.jpg


    Finding Joy
  18. art from the heART

    art from the heART

  19. to be together

    to be together