vicki robinson

  1. Fly Away

    Fly Away

    For October Challenge #2 - Artsy/Mixed Media using: The Butterfly Effect Bundle by On A Whimsical Adventure Messo Gesso: Page Overlays 1 by Viva Artistry Gessoed Overlays 2 by Vicki Robinson Layered Edge Overlays No. 1 by Anna Aspnes Designs Spackle Textured No. 4 by Anna Aspnes Designs Photo...
  2. life doesnt have to be perfect

    life doesnt have to be perfect

    for Vicki Robinson Designs October 2021 Challenge I used October 2021 Challenge Freebie and "AUTUMN BREEZE" Bundle all by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  3. falling leaves

    falling leaves

    "AUTUMN BREEZE" Bundle by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  4. say cheese!

    say cheese!

    "PICTURE THIS" Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs Photos: Pixabay / Victoria Borodinova
  5. Back to Maatsricht

    Back to Maatsricht

    Th Dutch railways again issued cheap train tickets. So I visited Maastricht The photo is made from another bridge (only for pedestrians and bikers)
  6. Shadows and Light

    Shadows and Light

    I love looking through the trees and capturing the beams of light from the sun. The light and shadows are fascinating. The lower the sun, the longer the shadows!
  7. relax and stay positive

    relax and stay positive

    "SOFTLY" Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  8. bright and soft moment

    bright and soft moment

    "SOFTLY" Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  9. be authentic

    be authentic

    for Vicki Robinson Designs September 2021 Challenge I used September 2021 Challenge Freebie and The Road Less Traveled Mega Kit all by Vicki Robinson Photo private (altered in photoshop)
  10. never lost

    never lost

    The Road Less Traveled Mega Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs
  11. Grandchildren are the Dividends

    Grandchildren are the Dividends

  12. Celebrating Friends

    Celebrating Friends

    Done for the September 52 Inspirations Challenge #5 I used 2 papers, layering the white one on top and blending it with a soft overlay mode and then duplicating it twice to tone down the busy background.
  13. life lesson

    life lesson

    "TEACHABLE MOMENTS" Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  14. expand your horizon

    expand your horizon

    "TEACHABLE MOMENTS" Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  15. Life Lessons

    Life Lessons

    Why are dishes more fun to do when you are young? I wonder if it has anything to do with the bubbles?
  16. Grandkids make life GRAND

    Grandkids make life GRAND

    Done for the Big Photo Challenge at Just ART
  17. Box Gardening

    Box Gardening

    Done for the Themes & Occasions Challenge #6 Gardening has been a special event for me this year. Especially when picking the veggies, and even more so getting to cook and eat the fruits of your labor! I grew up with parents that always had a garden. And we kids were expected to work in it...
  18. Flowers


    Done for the Art Journaling Challenge #5. "There are always flowers for those who want to see them" - Henri Matisse "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes." Psalm 118:23
  19. Hope


  20. one of a kind

    one of a kind

    for Vicki Robinson Designs August 2021 Challenge I used August 2021 Challenge Freebie "IT'S ABOUT TIME" Kit and Portrait Transfers all by Vicki Robinson