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  2. Nebraska 1887

    Nebraska 1887

    When the Winter family arrived in the United States in March of 1882, James had just turned 20 om 16 January. The family proceeded from New York City to Livingston County, Illinois where Jane’s sister and brother-in-law Holland and Ellen Eyre Catton and brother and sister-in-law George and Alice...
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  4. 1st TIME!

    1st TIME!

    Family Stories is the featured kit for September! Photos are of my great nephew.
  5. Challenge #1 Nov 2022 - Mom 1946

    Challenge #1 Nov 2022 - Mom 1946

    I have had 3 wonderful mothers – my Mother (Momma, who is still living), my stepmother (Mom), and my Mother-in-Law (Grammy). This picture of Mom is so beautiful and rather unexpected. I always knew her as a blonde. NOT! At 16 she was almost as dark headed as me! Mom was a definite PINK person...
  6. Betty-Ann-Winter-18-Sep-1944.jpg


    This is my mother 2 months before she turned 8 years old, so 2nd or 3rd grade. This LO is very easy Start with a single background paper Add a single photo 1 - page mask turned white and applied over the background to create a border and script 1 - paint element 1 - inked lines element 1 -...
  7. life always offer a second chance

    life always offer a second chance

    2022-09 Vicki Robinson September Get Creative Monthly Challenge
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    Some photos from a trip to the Van Gogh Immersion Experience. Super cool!
  9. Whisnant's Concert

    Whisnant's Concert

    Done for the March 2022 Copy Cat Challenge #1 using Britta's layout. Journaling reads: Enjoying the Whisnant's Homecoming concert in Morganton, NC.
  10. life lesson

    life lesson

    "TEACHABLE MOMENTS" Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  11. expand your horizon

    expand your horizon

    "TEACHABLE MOMENTS" Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  12. my lessons

    my lessons

    created with Teachable Moments by Vicki Robinson Designs. https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-kit-teachable-moments-vicki-robinson.html
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  14. unMask Me

    unMask Me

    I'm learning, day by day, to unmask my feelings. It's a life long lesson, I think. Sketched 08.24.21 ~dj inspired by a painting lesson Challenge #5 - Art Journaling
  15. Life Lessons

    Life Lessons

    My GGDs birthday celebration.
  16. Expand your horizons

    Expand your horizons

  17. Education


  18. Life Lessons

    Life Lessons

  19. Tie


    Teachable Moments by Vicki Robinson Designs https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-kit-teachable-moments-vicki-robinson.html
  20. Vicki Robinson Teachable Moments

    Vicki Robinson Teachable Moments