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  1. Nov22_Vicki Robinson_ajchall_Who I've Been

    Nov22_Vicki Robinson_ajchall_Who I've Been

    UGH. December. What a ridiculous month.. I got back from London, got covid, which laid me out for a week, then got a plane to go to NYC to be my friend's Support Person when she had her first baby, then turn around 7 days later and come home to Tampa and BOOM it's Christmas.. phew. This is my...
  2. JurassicPark


    Such a cute kit. I just added a little grunge to the tag...
  3. Dream


    Vicki Robinson Designs Art Journal Ch. Nov 22
  4. Jump Day - hooded merganser

    Jump Day - hooded merganser

    Awesome Photos by Gerry Sibell what a catch !!
  5. Reesa Cut Silhouettes 5 & 11 Yrs Old

    Reesa Cut Silhouettes 5 & 11 Yrs Old

    These Silhouettes of my Granddaughter were hand cut by an amazing lady. This is my granddaughter at 5 and 11. She was amazing to watch. Here is her website. https://thesilhouettelady.com/gallery
  6. Vicki Robinson's Art Journaling Challenge - Recital

    Vicki Robinson's Art Journaling Challenge - Recital

    My MIL was 12 years-old in this photo. I used the prompt DREAM - it's in the quote at bottom left. I needed to capture the lighter yellow of Grammy’s dress and the colors of the flowers so the background is pp09 over mmpp10 in pin light mode, mmpp10 is over pp10 in divide mode. Add Stamps...
  7. Vicki Robinson's Get Creative Challenge Nov 22 - Life on 41st Street

    Vicki Robinson's Get Creative Challenge Nov 22 - Life on 41st Street

    The original of this is not a bad LO - and my wonderful MIL adored it and gave a copy to all her friends - but it's time for an update for a new album. They lived near the old Avondale Mills factory and she remembered wonderful times there. This collection is fabulous for heritage. This...
  8. Angel Trumpet Tree

    Angel Trumpet Tree

    I bought this tree as a houseplant when the kids were little. Gabrielle you just stand underneath one of the trumpets. When we moved to South Carolina, I planted it in front of the house and it has turned into this huge tree amass with trumpets with a sweet smell. I never can get over the size...
  9. August Birthday Girl

    August Birthday Girl

  10. Nurture yourself.jpg

    Nurture yourself.jpg

  11. Grown.jpg


    Made using the Express Yourself Grown collection by Vicki Robinson.
  12. Impossible.jpg


    What I love most in this collection, is the fact I can make so different art-journal pages. I love the colors, the textures and the paints that make layouts look like real mixed media pages. Made using the Express Yourself Grown collection by Vicki Robinson.
  13. accept


    Designer Deal
  14. Think Big

    Think Big

    This is my page for my November Art Journaling challenge. I used TONS of paints and stamps, which — for me — are an absolute must! The quote reads: "Let your actions be louder than your words and your dreams bigger than your fears.” ~ Invajy
  15. brave


    2022-03 - March Challenge Vicki Robinson Designs
  16. not as important as

    not as important as

    Photo: Pixabay
  17. Express Yourself

    Express Yourself

  18. who I'm becoming

    who I'm becoming

    photo: Pixabay / Petya Georgieva (altered by me with Photoshop)
  19. learn, grow, reach

    learn, grow, reach

    photo: Unsplash / Anna Earl
  20. Express Yourself

    Express Yourself