vicki robinson designer challenge

  1. High in the Andes

    High in the Andes

  2. A Walk in the Sky

    A Walk in the Sky

    So thankful that we got to take Isaac and Sadie to the new tourist attraction called "The Malahat Skywalk" while they were here for a visit
  3. Growth is Progress

    Growth is Progress

    Created for the Vicki Robinson Designs October 2021 Challenge
  4. Little Ballerina-- One-of-a-Kind-Challenge-vrobinson

    Little Ballerina-- One-of-a-Kind-Challenge-vrobinson

    My granddaughter did NOT want to take pictures or be a ballerina. Then one day, she said, "Grandma, take a picture of me." She looks like a vintage girl on a card!
  5. Red coneflower

    Red coneflower

    made for the Vicki Robinson designer challenge. Because The Summerish collection had a coneflower element, I made this photo for the challenge in my residence
  6. Remember


    Done for Vicki's July challenge
  7. Family Time at Lake Washington

    Family Time at Lake Washington

    These photos are from a trip my husband and I took to visit our son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter.
  8. Own Your Dreams

    Own Your Dreams

    Let go of past issues and focus on what I want to do moving forward.
  9. OwnYour Dreams

    OwnYour Dreams

    For Vicki's March challenge
  10. Listen to the music.jpg

    Listen to the music.jpg

    Vicki Robinsons Designer Challenge.