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  1. Yesterday


    Realized with : "Artful Memories YESTERDAY" by mad:Vicki Robinson to participate at the CHALL # 1 BIG PHOTO_NOV22 Photo Pexels
  2. Priceless Photo

    Priceless Photo

    In an odd twist of fate, when my Mom passed away in 2015, it was on her Mother's birthday, November 10th. This picture of them which would have been taken in 1934, was very badly damaged. I spent ages restoring it and then had it printed on a very large canvas for Mom's 70th birthday. My...
  3. Remember This

    Remember This

    Created using: Artful Memories Yesterday Collection by Vicki Robinson
  4. Glimpse of the Past

    Glimpse of the Past

    Creating a new look for my great greatgrandmother's photo was exciting but a challenge too. She deserved it! old version: https://oscraps.com/community/media/trip-to-the-past.193104/
  5. 3 Year Old Me

    3 Year Old Me

    I found this picture in my Mom's things and it was so faded and all ripped up on the edges. I scanned it in and cropped out what I could of the rips. Then I tried to color correct it, but it just wasn't working, so I desaturated the photo and then put a sepia filter on it, and crisped it up with...
  6. Like the Vicki's challenge

    Like the Vicki's challenge

    Another page with challenge of October to Vicki Robinson : 10 elements Format US and all elements are in " Artful Memories Yesterday " by Vicki. mad:Vicki Robinson
  7. my parents

    my parents

    I recently scanned some old slides at my parents' house. I present you my father and mother before their marriage. My father was doing his military service and was on permission.
  8. Splashin in the Sprinkler Reesa 2022.jpg

    Splashin in the Sprinkler Reesa 2022.jpg

    Who knew a sprinkler could be so much fun!!
  9. Memories


  10. Dancing to Ten

    Dancing to Ten

    I completed this for the Vicki Robinson Designs October 2022 Get Creative Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-10-vicki-robinson-october-get-creative-monthly-challenge.36351/
  11. Yesterday


  12. Yesterday's Moments

    Yesterday's Moments

  13. artful memories yesterday

    artful memories yesterday

    Artful memories yesterday by Vicki Robinson designs My hubby his class photo of the lower class. He's on the 2nd row all the way to the left Thanks for looking
  14. Expecting


    Sketch Template Challenge #1 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-1-sketch-template.36131/ Journaling reads: Mom and Dad had attended the wedding of Dad’s brother, Herbert, and Evelyn Hessler. Mom is 5 months pregnant in this picture, expecting me. To me she...
  15. Now the book is closed.

    Now the book is closed.

    My mother in law who passed away unexpectedly September 20, 2022 I used the beatiful Artful Memories Yesterday Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs.
  16. vrd-yesterday-hazelbrownweb.jpg


    Vicki Robinson's Artful Memories Yesterday is jam packed full-journal papers, elements, papers and add on elements.
  17. Days Gone By

    Days Gone By

    September Color Play at Oscraps I recently re-found this photo of my mom's family taken in 1944 that was lost on my hard drive. So happy I had the chance to scrap it using this incredible kit!
  18. Artful-Memories-Yesterday-v.jpg


    sept 2022 color play
  19. Yesterday


    September Color Play
  20. You Are My Home

    You Are My Home

    The Artful Memories Yesterday Collection is part of the September Color Play at Oscraps.