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  1. There is a Light

    There is a Light

    These photos are of our front yard when the azaleas bloomed and a neighbor's backyard for which you might be forgiven for thinking you were deep in the woods or in an estate garden. The background is paper 07 in Multiply mode over paper 11 in Multiply mode over journal paper 10. The top 2 are...
  2. I Love Spring

    I Love Spring

    One morning I walked out to walk Shorty to a gorgeous early spring day. The sunlight was so bright I had blue spots as the afterimage - NOT! It was the tiny sweet violets shown here. I thought at first they were Colts Foot Violets, but the are simply the tiniest sweet violets ever...
  3. Colombine


    I used the beautiful new Artful Memories Spring Digital Art Kit by Vicki Robinson | Oscraps Photo is mine
  4. Artful-Memories-Spring-vick.jpg


  5. wild garlic

    wild garlic

  6. Beautiful-Cheekwood


    Artful Memories Spring Collection by Vicki Robinson Vibe Template by Jimbo Jambo
  7. Artful Memories Spring

    Artful Memories Spring

    Artful Memories Spring by Vicki Robinson has just been released in the Oscraps store. Personal photo.
  8. LoveUsNotebook800.jpg


    I used the Threshold effect in Photoshop on the wedding photo.
  9. vrd-am-spring.jpg


    Vicki Robinson Designs-Artful Memories
  10. 24-04_vrd-am-spring


  11. Beauty Change Joy

    Beauty Change Joy

  12. Dafodils 2024

    Dafodils 2024

  13. Bloom


    Art journal page with Vicki’s new kit!
  14. Renew


  15. Beautiful Spring

    Beautiful Spring

  16. Beautiful


  17. I am full of happiness

    I am full of happiness

  18. hello spring

    hello spring

  19. refresh


  20. My Everyday Life Week 02

    My Everyday Life Week 02

    For the year-long Digital Scrapper project My Everyday Life. The template was provided by Digital Scrapper, but the journal paper is from my Artful Memories Today Collection.