teddi rutschman

  1. Billa's Garden.jpg

    Billa's Garden.jpg

    Created with Ann's Misty Dreams and other FS elements
  2. Madonna.jpg


  3. In Her Bower.jpg

    In Her Bower.jpg

  4. FS Xmas 22.jpg

    FS Xmas 22.jpg

    Created with Christmassy, Yuletide and Twisted Lace https://www.oscraps.com/shop/sample-trutschman_Christmassy.html
  5. Portrait: Aisling with Angel.jpg

    Portrait: Aisling with Angel.jpg

    This work combines a mulitmedia collaged background I created with many layers from Anna Aspnes kits (posted last week) reworked with three figures from Foxey Squirrel's "Aisling" kit. The figures are blended into the background with one of Anna's Multilayered Fotoblendz (2-2) and set off with...
  6. Portrait: Aisling with the Angel.jpg

    Portrait: Aisling with the Angel.jpg

  7. MultiMediaCollage.jpg


    AASPN Art Play Palette Believe word art AASPN MultiMedia Hearts3_4 AASPN MultiMediaBranches5_5 AASPN MultiMedia Documents6_2 AASPN MultiMediaBranches5Photoglow AASPN ArtplayPalette WonderfulOverlay 2 AASPN Artsy Transfers Romance AASPN Artsy Transfer Jubilate 1 AASPN ArtsyKardzCare2 AASPN...
  8. Soiled.jpg


    Combines elements from Foxey Squirrel and Anna Aspnes
  9. CerellaRam.jpg


  10. FromWhenceRescueComessm.jpg


  11. Balancing the Scalessm.jpg

    Balancing the Scalessm.jpg

    Figure and Elements from "Billa's Touch"
  12. TemptationFace.jpg


    Temptations Temptations background 5 Laced Edge 4 Thingamajigs Paper 7, 8 Messy Flowers 2,3,4 L Shape frame is leave watchoutforthemoon frame piece1a
  13. "Blue Without You".jpg

    "Blue Without You".jpg

    "Blue Without You" Created with elements from the following Foxey Squirrel kits: Kelpie-Gals (I recoloured the Kelpie) , Edgy Overlays and Botanical Garden. Enjoy! https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Kelpie-Gals.html
  14. Lady's Companion.jpg

    Lady's Companion.jpg

    "Lady's Companion" created with Botanical Garden 2, 3, Victorianism Vol1, Shiver_Shadow, Thingmajig Paper 8 Fancy Words 8. Enjoy! https://www.oscraps.com/shop/FS-Botanical-Garden.html
  15. Postcard from the Edge of Time.jpg

    Postcard from the Edge of Time.jpg

    Created with Post Cards Vol 2 and Linen by Foxey Squirrel
  16. PostCard#2-600.jpg


    Created with Postcards Vol. 2 #2 and the following elements: Noblewoman Thingamajig Papers 1, 6 Vivid Splatters_2 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Post-Card-vol2.html
  17. SPring Madness and Disrepair.jpg

    SPring Madness and Disrepair.jpg

    "Spring Madness and Disrepair" Pretty much describes where I am at the moment! Created with Foxey Squirrel's wonderful Spring Madness Vol 2 with some additional elements listed below https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Spring-Madness-Vol2.html
  18. Heaven's Angels.jpg

    Heaven's Angels.jpg