#taylormade designs

  1. Baseball


    My layout for August Multi Photos Challenge: "Create a page using FIVE (5) photos that show a progression in activity"
  2. Hope


  3. April - Quote

    April - Quote

    I was playing around in a recursive drawing program and ended up with this tree, so I decided to use it for the quote challenge.
  4. Shine


    Summers Dawnby Taylor Made Designs Trilogy Layered Templateby Taylor Made Designs Kinda Stuck Vol. 2 Stickers by Taylor Made Designs
  5. feelings


  6. out of order

    out of order

  7. sunset


  8. Keep Moving Forward

    Keep Moving Forward

    Created for the Vicki Stegall Designs (Momma O’s) January 2023 Challenge The past few months have been really tough on my creativity. But, for the new year, I choose to Keep Moving Forward in all my artistic endeavors, rather than looking back. ♥
  9. Special


    12 years of birthday photos
  10. Basil Gratin

    Basil Gratin

  11. Passion


    kit: A Beautiful Mess by TaylorMade Designs
  12. Love never claims....

    Love never claims....

    For the December "Quote me" challenge Credits: Everything by TaylorMade Timeless Sketch Tender Hearted kit
  13. Character


    For the Web Inspiration Challenge Credits By TaylorMade: Elements - Tender hearted kit Wordart - Composure kit Actions - Colorcast, Lavendar Extreme Paper from the "Family Tree" Kit by Joanne Brisebois
  14. Your Arms

    Your Arms

    I love this picture of my DH holding up all of our kids. Actually, he's also holding up one of their cousins in his other arm...but didn't really fit the theme here. I did this for the contest that The Queen of Quirk is holding on her blog about the special guy in our lives. Check it out on her...
  15. Summer


    I just had to do another "swing" layout of my ds. The picture is actually horribly OOF (out of focus), but by using a blending mode tutorial by the wonderfully talented Amanda, I was able to save it!! Yipee! Credits: Paper and Word Art from my Summer Freebie by Leiko Beck Designs...
  16. Lucky


    My DD was so funny this day, she kept picking all the 3 leaf clovers and stating that she had found another "lucky clover". Too cute!! Papers - TaylorMade Designs (oscraps) Quench - bunchberry, kiwilime & lemonice (blended) & Touch of Grey Frame - Fei-fei's Stuff...
  17. The Perfect Present

    The Perfect Present

    I so totally LOVE the look on my DD's face in this pic. She just turned 3, 2 weeks ago and I was certain that I had gotten her the best presents!! But it wasn't so...I was outdone by a handmade lollipop that my oldest DD gave to her. She was in absolute heaven!! It only goes to show that money...
  18. Honestly


    This was taken as my DD was asking her daddy for her other birthday presents...as usual, he couldn't resist her!! TFL!! Papers - TaylorMade Designs Ambiguous Paper Pack Frame - Paislee Press Fresh Linens Kit Scroll Stamp - TaylorMade Designs & Paislee Press B-Side Collab Kit Fonts -...
  19. JUMP


    After getting an email from Oscraps this morning I checked out the photo blending tutorial by Taylormade Designs (http://www.taylormadedigidesigns.blogspot.com/) I was so inspired and the tutorial was easy, fun and super quick!!! Here's my version using the tutorial. Thanks! Credits...
  20. Perfect Harmony

    Perfect Harmony

    Perfect Harmony Paislee Press Spotlight Challenge What The Crop? I love this photo I took of this butterfly. the detail on his wings looks like birds feathers to me. I also love the detail of the dew drops on the leaves. Credits: oscraps Kit: Paislee Press ~ Fresh Linens...