1. BRMBR Yellow-Headed Blackbird

    BRMBR Yellow-Headed Blackbird

    Remember those tense minutes at sunrise when we didn't know the locked refuge gate was on a timer. Five hundred miles. We'd always been there early and driven on in. That sunrise brought a beautiful day. Our best first-day surprises were two deer and a pair of sandhill cranes.
  2. The Long Way Home

    The Long Way Home

    Coming back from Moab, there was "scheduled maintenance" on Vail Pass. It was closed in both directions. We waited some at Vail, but decided to go over Tennessee Pass to Leadville to Copper Mountain over Freemont Pass. A long slow drive, but beautiful winter scenery.
  3. Arches at Sunrise

    Arches at Sunrise

    On our last day we decided to visit Arches, even though we'd seen it all so many times. We'd focus on the light with very little thought about the scenery. Remember how the golden hour was not much more than half an hour and it wasn't long before we were headed back to Moab.
  4. learning to be you

    learning to be you

    Mikkel Paige at Oscraps Lavender Sunrise Jute Strings Squiggly Stamp Alpha font - primer print Journaling reads: This picture is special for a reason other than what you might expect. These pictures mark the beginning of the end of your extreme shyness. We were all excited about visiting...
  5. Spring Beauty

    Spring Beauty

    I just love the beauty of freshly bloomed flowers. My MIL brought these as an Easter present for us. I can't wait to plant them. For SSD's Shutterbug Shakedown #6 I lifted Kresta's Pink Preference Template by Janet Phillips Kit is Lavender Sunrise by Mikkel Paige Stitches by Dani...
  6. Tea Party

    Tea Party

    Lavender Sunrise by Mikkel Paige Originals at OScraps Blog Template 101 Freebie by Trish H - Templates-n-More.blogspot.com Font Gigi Journaling: You just love playing with your tea set from the Kearneys
  7. Fun With Birthday Bear

    Fun With Birthday Bear

    everything is from Lavender Sunrise by Mikkel Paige!
  8. Fun With Birthday Bear

    Fun With Birthday Bear

    Everything is from Lavender Sunrise by Mikkel Paige!
  9. Tranquility


    Here's another one of my favorite honeymoon photos. This was taken at sunrise in Cook's Bay on the island of Moorea. This LO is a scraplift that Ashalee challenged us to make of this LO by duniascrap...
  10. Garden Party

    Garden Party

    Template-Slightly Off-1-Vicki Stegall (oscraps.com, thedigishoppe.com) Lauren Reid-(thedigishoppe.com,Oscraps.com) Seattle Sunrise-(yellow ribbon from Seattle Sunset kit) Brown BG-Bring It! Lola Seal It-Date Stamp Scratchy Doodle Lines Alpha Doodle Lily Brush It! Paint...