sketch challenge

  1. Oscraps-0624-Challenge-#4-Page-Sketch


    Oscraps-0624- Challenge-#4 -Page-Sketch Sweet Summer Delights | Karen Schulz Designs Font: Typenoksidi
  2. Sketch-Challenge Sunflowers

    Sketch-Challenge Sunflowers

    Photo is my own font is Chirp Bundle Questions by et designs sketch is by Lydell Quinn
  3. Lovely day

    Lovely day

    Born in Spring Digital Scrapbooking Bundle by Sarapullka Scraps
  4. 23-04_O_April-Challenge-#1---Sketch


    April Challenge #1 - Sketch https://oscraps.com/community/threads/april-challenge-1-sketch.37364/#post-660540
  5. sketch challenge 1

    sketch challenge 1

    Simplette Designs...Shelter for the Fall Collection. Photo from Pexels.
  6. 22-10_O_October-Challenge-#1---Sketch-Template


    October Challenge #1 - Sketch Template https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-1-sketch-template.36131/
  7. BE Harvest Moon - Daydream Design

    BE Harvest Moon - Daydream Design

  8. Break free

    Break free

    June Challenge #6 - Sketch Template
  9. Eva 2022

    Eva 2022

  10. Sketch-Template.jpg


    An Autumn walk amongst the beautiful trees and fallen leaves.
  11. 22-06_O_June-Challenge-#6---Sketch-Template


    June Challenge #6 - Sketch Template https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-6-sketch-template.35645/#post-628912
  12. BE Sunset Lover

    BE Sunset Lover

    Challenge #6 - Sketch https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-6-sketch-template.35645/
  13. ms-feb-sketch.jpg


  14. BE Dreams - Challenge #5

    BE Dreams - Challenge #5

  15. Big sky

    Big sky

    I had fun & really want to try again. This is what I did now. I love the photo & it captured the vastness of the sky & the greatness of the person standing on the plane. I copied each part of the sketch on a separate layer & then I hope I kept to the spirit of the wonderful sketch. Though...
  16. Venice.jpg


    Photograph of Venice by me altered digitally.