1. The Catton Sisters

    The Catton Sisters

    These 3 women are related by marriage. Alice (bottom) married my 2X great granduncle George Eyre. Her sister Mary (middle married Charles Cooling Sr. and their son Charles Junior married my 1st cousin twice removed Florence Mary Todd. I haven't figured out Anne yet, but know she is their...
  2. My Story by Karen Schulz Designs Digital Art Layout 03 by Kay

    My Story by Karen Schulz Designs Digital Art Layout 03 by Kay

    A continuation of My Story album Photos of my sister and I and our family
  3. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-ephemeral-life-is-short-michelle.jpg


    Life is Short Spending time at Kandanga, North Coast, Queensland with my Sister while Mum and Dad recover. Created with the Ephemeral Collection and some coordinating ArtsyTransfers coming soon.
  4. Lost


  5. Sisters


    We recently visited the Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens in Florida. The feature sculptures were from Zimbabwe. We stopped and talked to one of the artists while he was working the stone. He told us the stone usually decides the design. The sculptures were filled with grace and...
  6. BE March Challenge #6 - Recipe

    BE March Challenge #6 - Recipe

    Challenge #6 - Recipe https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-6-recipe.35029/
  7. First be kind

    First be kind

  8. Better Together

    Better Together