1. Mandatory classical dance

    Mandatory classical dance

    Created with : "WUWAP-Wake Up With A Purpose" by Rachel Jefferies and "Dark To Light" by Regina Falango. Personal journaling Pictures Pixabay
  2. Choose your formula !

    Choose your formula !

    Created with the pack : "In The Wild" and "APP Stravage" and "APP Ikigaï" by Anna Aspnes and "Torn Papers 01" by Karen Shulz. Pictures Pixabay. Personnal WA.
  3. My girls

    My girls

    Created with : "Field Notes" & "Artful Expression 4" by Vicki Robinson for her challenge of september : "create a layout about one of your possessions that is important to you". The subject is my granddaughter and my daughter. Personnal picture (don't copy, thank you). The personnal journaling...
  4. Learn from this !

    Learn from this !

    Created dor the challenge "Anna Color - september", using : "Foto blenz overlays 2" & "Multimedia Flowers" & "Ikigai" & "Stravage" & Knowledge" by Anna Aspnes and "Obsolete-collection" by itkupilli imagenarium
  5. Terrifying place

    Terrifying place

    Created for "Love the Dark Side", JHD's challenge. Using paper "A Moonlight night" and "Stamps and Stuff - Beauty Grunge" and "Colorcrush 68" by JoyfufHeart designs & "Fantastic Steampunk" by itKuPiLLi & "Raven's Nevemore" by Foxeysquirrel (saled in another shop)+ image Pixabay
  6. Friendship


    Created with : "Kindred Spirits" & "Forever this" & "52 inspirations 2016" Picture Pixabay
  7. CreativePhotoEffect


    Realized with : "Mermaiden" by Lynne Anzelc & "52 imspirations 2021" for the challenge 3creative Photo Editing Image Pixabay, modified with Befunky