1. AnnaLift: Early Selfie

    AnnaLift: Early Selfie

    Because I have very few old family photos, for this lift I used an intriguing photo I found online. Looks like the urge to preserve our self images is strong in the human race. Used APP Fare, which is one of my favs for heritage designs. Thanks for looking.
  2. I Need A Break

    I Need A Break

  3. Losing My Mind

    Losing My Mind

  4. December22Selfie800.jpg


  5. this is me

    this is me

  6. Wheeling And Dealing

    Wheeling And Dealing

  7. February 2022 Selfie

    February 2022 Selfie

    This page is pretty straight forward. Thought I'd try something a little different and not focus quite so much on paint. lol The background does consist of two papers. The base layer is a pink and purple painty paper with a Normal blend mode. The layer on top is a blue painty paper with a blend...
  8. Me in 2013

    Me in 2013

    Have you ssen the new January Color play kits ? https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbook-color-play-coordinated-packs/
  9. You Are Enough

    You Are Enough

    For the photo, I started by changing the photo to B&W using the Maximum White option. I then added a white layer mask to the photo. I used the Gradient Tool on the layer mask to blend the photo with the background. Finally, I played a little bit with the underlying layer slider to complete the...
  10. Sherwood Pub

    Sherwood Pub

  11. Enjoy the Journey

    Enjoy the Journey

    Usually, I have some creation notes to share but it's pretty straight forward this time. I did use the underlying layer slider to try and give the text and border a little more realism.
  12. Day 3 - Merry Christmas Selfie

    Day 3 - Merry Christmas Selfie

    Created for the Chain Scraplift Challenge in the 12 Days of December Celebration at Oscraps. The layout I lifted was Birthday Card from @ysbgo
  13. November Challenge #7 Word Art

    November Challenge #7 Word Art

    I loved the free word art and used the one with the heart on it. My youngest daughter and grandson at a recent wedding. This is one of my daughter's awesome selfies. I also used A Brave Heart Collab: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Brave-An-Oscraps-Mega-Collab-Kit.html
  14. She's Got Grit

    She's Got Grit

    I used the bucket fill to change the background color of the word art so that it better matched the page. The background consists of four papers. The bottom one is a brown gradient paper. The paper layer above that is a purple and cream artsy paper set to darker color and then the underlying...
  15. Thanksgiving Selfie 2020

    Thanksgiving Selfie 2020

    Created for the Creative Photo Treatments Challenge. I chose to color my necklace, the earring and the hibiscus flower.
  16. Embrace the Mess

    Embrace the Mess